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Friday, November 9, 2007

Just can't get enough...

I must be pregnant, because these newborn images are making me all weepy!

Just sharing a couple more. And for those who asked, Aeris is exactly 2 weeks old in these pictures.
I used some of my more interesting conversions on some of these. I'm loving a more chocolately black and white lately. I just love the warmth I feel it adds.

And a nice color one. Wee girl is struggling with Jaundice, but was looking good at our shoot!


Amber said...

She is just precious! I think I need to have another baby... okay, maybe just make friends with someone who just had another baby.

Jenny said...


Melinda said...

i'm with amber,just find a friend with a baby. oh wait, this is my baby...why didn't someone tell me this earlier!! wonderful pics!!

Stueller said...

WOW, that first one is beautiful!

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