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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Random Product Review.

Sweet Merciful Heavens. Okay, a couple of things you need to know about me and my family. We love vinegar. In all it's incarnations. Pickle juice runs in my blood.

I've read several other reviews that said these were totally disgusting. We, all of 5 of us (including my 2 year old), love these chips. Can't get enough. If the tube is open, they're on their way to being gone. I buy 2 tubes everytime I'm at the grocery store. They don't last a week. And I'm restraining myself. No, not for the fat content. For the mere reason that they will make your tongue BLEED. In a good way, sort of. No, really, I can only eat a couple before my tongue starts hurting. But I'm fairly sure one of the main ingredients is CRACK.

Seriously, you have to try these. If you like pickles. Or if you like me. If you open them and don't like them, please send them on over... we'll make short work of them.

Also note: a lack of posting on my part doesn't necessarily indicate a birth, unfortunately. Rest assured, when baby arrives, you'll know. And there will be pictures!

Okay, I'm off to go eat some more... shhh!


sheri said...

rofl! Ok, my mouth literally started watering and puckering whilst reading this post. Oh how I love me some vinegar chips, but yeah...I totally get "cuts" in my mouth whenever I do. Sometimes I just have to buck up and push through the pain.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I love salt and vinegar chips and I love pickles, but those just sound sick. Maybe it's my aversion to Pringles in general?

Amber said...

I've had other pickle flavored chips and they are strangely addicting.

Nicole said...

I'm not sure about a product that makes your tongue bleed, but Ben would be all over it! I'll get some and let you know what we think!

Brian said...

Dude, that's nasty.

But Pickle is a favorite word of mine. Like Monkey, Pickle is comedic GOLD!

Jenny said...

yum... those look delish.

Alecia said...


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