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Thursday, June 10, 2010

PFMP Chapter 2

Matt bought himself some Vibram FiveFingers. Weird shoes. Weirder that we'd take the whole family along for that purchase. Don't be fooled. They ran all over the store and I was fairly certain they were about to kick us out when we left.
This sweet little angel sleeps like a dream (finding some wood to knock on). She begs for bed by 8:30pm and doesn't wake up until at least 5am... then goes back to sleep till 8 or 9am. I'd be feeling well-rested if I wasn't staying up until 1am watching Netflix On Demand.
Ain't nothing better.
We had a bit of a fever bug run through our house. Lucas just wanted to be cuddled with a blanket over his eyes. Sad, sad little boy. He's all better now, thankfully.

Matt received a rather generous bonus (which he TOTALLY deserved!) from his employer this month. With it, he purchased himself a Cintiq. All of his artist friends are drooling. I've been enjoying it because it means that he's spending his evenings painting and drawing, instead of playing MTG (ugh!).

In case you needed an update on Anna's toothlessness. And yes, there's still another wiggly one in there.
Yummy! I purchased this yarn to make myself a pair of ankle socks... We'll see how it goes... it involves quite a few techniques I haven't ever used. I love trying new stuff!
Talk about distracted driving! Kidding. Matt was driving. This is a WIP for a certain father of mine... Since, you know, Father's Day is just around the corner.
Miles built me this tower last week. He has yet to dismantle it. He's very proud. His architectural skillz are... uh... beautiful?


the thrifty ba said...

can i just say how BEAUTIFUL your kids are?!

Millie said...

Weird shoes...I saw a guy on TV wearing some and I thought I was seeing things...or that his feet were painted! It was a fashion programme and he was on it to get a make-over....wonder what that says!?
Th photos of the baby are beautiful.I'm glad the sleeping is going well. I'm glad, too that you're all feeling better.

Carley, John, Cohen, kennedy said...

I want a Cintiq.. I'm not good enough to have earned one though I just think they are super cool.. and I wanted some of those five finger shoes to run in.. I think they would be comfortable! Love the kid pics!

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