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Monday, December 13, 2010

Changing My Mind

I've been being very diligent about my knitting. I've knit almost exclusively items for other people for the last 4 months... I really wanted to be able to give my loved ones my hand knitted love this Christmas. And for the most part, I'm doing okay. All of my sisters will receive something. And my mom. And my mother-in-law, though she doesn't know it yet.

And with almost each finished object, I instantly become jealous of the person I knit it for. It's been very difficult for me to resign myself to the idea that I'm giving all of these fabulous items away.

Which is why when I finished this hat...
I put it on for these pictures.
 And quickly decided to never take it off.
It's mine now. And it even got cold last week which of course, meant that I had to wear it!

I apologize to the person it was intended for. You will never know who you are.
Because the good news is, I'm still knitting.


Cheri said...

Good for you! I was wondering how you could handle sending all that great stuff away.

stephanie said...

i am just so in awe that you created that with your own hands! it's gorgeous.

Maleen said...

If I looked as good as you in that hat, I wouldn't take it off either. You are one HOT mamma.

What a talent.

Becky said...

Im very glad that you are still shipping mine, but it helps that you dont have any heads that small at your house anymore lol.
I love that hat. Kyle said he is going to take up knitting, maybe I will get him to make it for me lol

Ruth Solter said...

Good grief, that looks so complicated. Is it knit in the round? I don't see any seams..

Jamie said...

That is such a pretty design…. and you deserve to keep something for yourself! It looks great. :)

Kari Beth said...


Kate in Austin said...

beautiful hat.

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