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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Getting this done, all at once.

I could drag out posts about Christmas for the next two months, but instead, I'll just do this one time. Enjoy.

 Just before Christmas, the love of my life celebrated his 33rd birthday. To honor him I knit this gloves. He has a mild obsession with Totoro so it was fitting. He also received a shovel. No, not just any shovel. This bad boy. If your husband likes to be manly, you should buy him one. I wish I could say that I get some kickback from having you buy it, but alas, all I get is the satisfaction of knowing your man got a man-toy.

This child shall certainly be the death of me. Matt took work off from the 17th of December until January 4th. He now fully understands why Lucas is so infuriating. He'll be three soon and we're REALLY hoping it does something nice for him.
 Anna has been taking gymnastics for the last month or two. She loves it. And is adorable. But most of all...
 She's pretty good!
 And so, not to be outdone, Abbie proved that she could do it too! (And also, me too! But no picture of that.)
 Isn't my precious baby girl so cute? Can you believe she's 10 months now? Can you believe that we neglected her in her high chair so long that she finally gave up and fell asleep? We're awesome.
 This is our tree on Christmas Eve after Santa arrived. Notice the two obvious spots where the lights are out? No way on earth was I going to fix that. On the list for next year: new lights.
 So, just after Christmas we left the relative warmth of Florida (I say relative, because I'm cold... right now.) and drove to Virginia to visit with the husband's sister and her beautiful family. Also, because they had snow. And in the perfect amount... about three inches.
 My kids were FINALLY able to see snow. We asked them what they thought snow "felt" like.  Answer: Fluffy Cotton Balls or Clouds.  What does it taste like? Ice cream. So, in true fashion we dashed all their hopes regarding the white evil.  Kidding. I miss the snow. Sorta.
 So, we brought every single piece of "winter wear" we owned. Including quite a few pieces I knit just for the trip. (Hint: not the hat Anna is wearing, Audrey knit that). We took the kids sledding, which, oh my word, I'd forgotten how fun that is!!!
 And my kids LOVED it! All of them... well, not Libby since she still has no idea what snow is. But the rest. With the possible exception of Miles who only lasted about 15 minutes. Abbie and Anna stayed out for hours. Lucas would have too, if I hadn't demanded he go in due to his purple lips.
 And disgusting nose.
 But Matt even came out (I knitted that yellow hat!) Good times!
 But the best part of the trip was getting to hang out with family. Here in Florida, we have none, so it's always great to get to hang with cousins (Hi Hannah!).
 And since my parents were just a 5ish hour drive away, they came down to visit us in Virginia for a couple of days. Yay! Libby and my mom were fast friends.
 And Lucas and my dad (Jumpa!) are the very best of friends. In fact, after they left every time Lucas would get in trouble he'd start crying "I want my Jumpa!"  I want to say I found it annoying, but I'm really glad that Lucas has a friend. And I'm glad it's my daddy.
 Um... Miles was there too. He's been flying under the radar a lot lately. Which is why while we were on vacation, I gave him a bath and realized (in AWESOME MOM form) that it was very likely the first bath he'd had in at least three weeks. As I said, Awesome Mom!
 This ... This cowl was my Christmas Gift from Audrey. She gets me.
 When we went to Virginia, I took my spinning wheel.  Both so that Audrey and my mom could watch me spin. As I'm the only person I know who takes part in this terribly antiquated and equally awesome hobby, I'd love to get someone else hooked. I spun this yarn while I was there and left it with Audrey. Hopefully she'll knit something out if it and send me a picture.
 Glamour shots by Deb. Or me. Just playing with some lovely window light.
 I can't get over how grown up my girls are getting.
 P.S. This is Audrey. She's amazing. I could write an entire book about it. But she's a fabulous cook, wonderful crafter, amazing gardener, patient mother, and gracious hostess. She also knits like the wind. Double puffy heart that my husband has such an awesome sister.
And now, for the final thing. We got a pet. Two actually. Guinea pigs. Why? I'm not sure. I got seriously railroaded into them by the husband. So this is Hershey (with Lucas) and Blaster (with Miles). They're okay. I guess. (Okay, who am I kidding, I want to cuddle them.)


Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Please blog more. Or come to Utah or something. I miss you.

Jamie said...

Sounds like a fun Christmas!
(I'm still laughing about the 'glamour shots by Deb' hee hee.)

elizabeth said...

finally, thanks for the update! It's good to see you make the long trip to get together with the Bartletts. Wish we coulds be there too.

Cheri said...

I love you. I laughed out loud maybe six times. Not LOL. I really laughed. Enough that Mike asked "What?" and came over to see. And he said "Holy cow! And by that I mean sacred cow cool." about Matt's Totoro mitts.

I'm keeping it real in the awesome mom department as well. Just thought it was fair to warn you about your competition and all. May the most distracted mommy win.

sheri said...

Ditto Char! I enjoyed every minute of going through these pictures and reading your words. Thank you!
And I'd forgotten how fun sledding is, too. We had a blast sledding last year in CO, even though it was like 8 degrees outside.

Audrey said...

great pictures! we loved having you guys...i'm so glad that you guys were able to make the drive :) and watching you spin was awesome! you have some serious talents.

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Hi Alissa, I wanted to pop in and let you know we did your lollipop Valentine again this year...I just did a post about it.

Thanks again for the fantastic idea!
Your kids are adorable btw!


Anonymous said...

Little Lukie is very very pretty! :) Stinkin' cute! He's gonna be a real heartbreaker when he grows up, I tell you. :)

Lori said...

Just found your blog via Pinterest. Gotta tell you, I TOTALLY get the spinning thing. There's only one other person I know that eyes sheep and llamas thinking about making oh-so-cozy yarn from it. And I'm seriously jealous that you have a wheel since all I have is a (perfectly lovely) drop spindle. :)

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