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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I've got some.
An update for the Grandmas.
 My little mini-mom helper and the Bibs.
 Starts 4th grade in August. Kicked butt on the FCAT. Finished the year with straight As. Has been invited to join the gymnastics team. Amazing girl.
 Says "Thank you, Please, No, Yeah, Uh-oh, Wow, Dad, Mom" and a couple other words I can't remember.
 Is the light of our home.
 Finally becoming mildly manageable. And sweeter than pie. Sometimes.
 The husband likes to make fun of his Chiclet teeth.
 Just finished 1st grade. Pretends like she hates reading but has already buzzed through 8 books since school let out. Has also been invited to join the gymnastics team. Doesn't want to. It's just not in her personality. And that's fine by me.
The peacemaker of our home. Usually. Sometimes.

What? Don't pretend like I'm not missing pictures of Miles. He was with his dad when these pictures were taken.


elizabeth said...

Thanks Alissa, You have satisfied my cravings. Lovely!

Audrey said...

Can't wait to see y'all :) LOVE that sweater on Libby...did that pattern get released yet?

Ruth Solter said...

And thank you from this Grandma. I'll make sure this Grandpa sees it too.

Dad said...

Actually, your mother didn't make sure I saw this. Fortunately I found it on my own. I don't visit any blogs regularly, but now and then something is posted that makes me want to visit more often.


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