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Friday, May 18, 2012

On The Trail

 Rather than cheat and drag these pictures out into 5 different posts (which I would totally do), I am opting to just dump them all here. 
He doesn't find us nearly as humorous as we find him.
 Oy. Growing up way too fast there, Abbie.
 Bahahahaha! Also not amused.
Despite being the skinniest child possibly in the history of ever, he's so freaking cute. And devilish.  
 No words. Just love.
I'm channeling my inner fashionista. Apparently.
 No, she doesn't ever want to hold my hand. I spend most of my time chasing her. 
 I have a feeling he is going to be a powerful force someday. For good or evil... it is yet to be determined. 
We really should have put this one in modeling.

Thanks for taking that walk with us!


Cheri said...

Alissa - you look fantastic. I love what you are wearing, and you definitely do not look like you've given birth to 5 children. Nice work!!

Jenn Nielsen said...

What fabulous memories your family makes on those walks! Thanks for sharing them with us. :)

Elizabeth said...

Great pictures, I love your sense of fashion.

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