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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A game.

Miles & I have a favorite game. Back when he was in Speech Therapy (didn't I tell you he graduated!?), our speech therapist recommended getting or buying a picture book for Miles to point to things and name. We never did buy a book. Instead, I turned to the Internets.

Google Image Search

So, a couple of times per week, Miles would climb up on my lap while I sat diddling away the hours at the computer. And to humor him, I would start an image search: Dora, Diego, Elmo, Big Bird, shark, lion, elephant, tiger, apples, carrots, etc etc etc. For awhile, I would simply type in simple words for him to name. But after awhile, I wasn't inventive enough.

We still play almost every day. But now, Miles supplies the searchword. "How 'bout candy?", "How 'bout daddy?", "How 'bout books?" as fast as I can input them... and then we're on to the next word. It really has been a fabulous tool for teaching him a lot of words.

Yesterday, I spontaneously input the word "blue." We got the following image:
And Miles, not knowing which word I was going for, said simply, "SCARY!" Yes son, they are indeed.


sheri said...

I hear they're Char's favorite.

Lost A Sock said...

The Blue Man Group! KJ is standing over my shoulder right now commenting on their weirdness, haha.

Sabra said...

Okay, that is the coolest idea ever. And ROFL at the Blue Man Group. Yikes, indeed. I don't get them.

SweetPea said...

LOVE that idea! And LOL at the Blue Man Group! Definitely scary!

Amber said...

I love the BMG!! I'm so glad he's talking so much!

dastew said...

I hear they do a great show but Carolyn thinks they're just weird so didn't want to go with me when they performed in Albany.

kelly said...

they're scary to me and i'm sure i'm a bit older than miles ;)

Mark Brooke Photography said...

ohhh looks like a super fun time. -candie

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