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Monday, January 28, 2008

A little PS Magic version 2.0

I did a post like this quite a while ago and promised more. So, to finally make good on my promise.

(Note: If Photoshop mumbo-jumbo bores you, skip this post. Go read something more entertaining.)

I decided to entertain you all with an example of how much I Photoshop on a picture of me. Yeah, bravery at its finest.

So, to begin. Here is the picture (as taken by Abbie) straight out of my camera. Not a bad picture, overall.
Looks a little dim... kinda boring... needs some pop.
Here's where I confess my love for all things NicholeV. I use her ACR presets and shoot exclusively in RAW. She has made my job infinitely easier.

However! If I wasn't using her presets, I would probably do a curves and contrast boost and a soft light layer. Speaking Greek yet?

And voila! Don't I look so much cuter?! Now comes the super-secretive part... which I'm making not a secret anymore, I guess. Doh! #1 That bit of hair hanging down has GOT TO GO. Thank you, clone tool! Also, my eyes need to stand out just a bit more. I was directed to a fantastic video tutorial online the other day which has caused me to bow and worship at this man's feet. The effect he uses is extremely dramatic on that picture, but I just used it a little tiny bit.

And suddenly, I'm gorgeous!
What's that? You can't tell the difference? Try this...
(Click to make it much larger!)
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


dastew said...

Seriously you're pregnant? How come your face doesn't show it?

Jenny said...

I so need help.

RachelDenbow said...

Yah, you're looking hot for 7 mns.
I've had photoshop for 6 months but have been so frustrated with trial and error that I've stopped trying!
I am such a hands on, show me how to do it, kind of person. Anyways, this has inspired me to get back on the horse.

You're blog is lovely.

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