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Monday, January 5, 2009

Q: What's better than having a baby?

A: When 6! SIX! of your sisters/sisters-in-law are having babies in the next 9 months.

I'd better get my little fingers stitching and crocheting and knitting.

I've got 6 new babies to outfit!


J-Dub said...

You had better get pregnant too. You would not want to be left out!

Maleen said...

Wow, give it up for some virile men!!

Cheri said...

NO WAY! I have 5 sister/sister-in-laws who pregnant right now, and 3 cousins. Something is in the air....aughh!!

Char said...

Holy crap that's A LOT of babies!

And since I only have one half sister and one SIL, that will never happen to me.

Sabra said...

unless they have multiples, Char. and yeah, lots of babies. you should totally join in the fun.

Rebekah said...

I do feel left out, but that's mu problem.

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