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Sunday, July 5, 2009

In the THICK of summer.

Just some evidence that summer is in full force round these parts.

Lucas wears just his rashguard for most of the day. Why change out of it, when you're just going back into the water?

Anna, well, these are her pajamas. Because despite the fact that we HAVE air conditioning, running it at 78 or higher will not actually keep you all that cool.

And Abbie, rotting her brain and all the knowledge that school has tried to ingrain... kidding, she's playing Brain Age 2. Take THAT Mario Kart!


Katie Voorhees said...

I love it! Your kids are beautiful!

Christie said...

Don't you just love summer? Seriously can't get enough of it this year.

Chatter said...

Just linked to your blog from a comment you left on Christi's. Your family is so beautiful! I had to laugh at the photo's of the youngest in onesie's. My babes live in onesie's or diapers.


p.s. I love your hair!

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