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Monday, August 30, 2010

Ahem... Where were we?

Oh yes. Blogging.

So, school started awhile ago for us. We've entered our third week and as a bonus, this year Miles is attending a five day a week half day preschool. So, between the hours of 12p and 3p (read: naptime for Lucas AND Libby), my house is silent.  Well, except for the sweet clicking of my knitting needles. Yes. I am liking this.

My husband is kind enough to do the early morning walk to the bus stop. I couldn't love him more for it. I am not to be seen in public before 9am. Trust me.

So, here they go. Off to First and Third Grade. 
They really love riding the bus. I love that they ride the bus. It's a win-win.
 And for the record, I already hate third grade. But I promise that you don't want to get me started. I could really complain all day long. It is making me take a long, hard look at my reasons for not homeschooling... we shall see.
 My girls each picked out skinny jeans to wear to school that first day. I've had to enforce the "please put your dirty clothes in the laundry hamper and not back in your drawer to be worn for 5 days in a row" rule.
 Heh. Skinny Jeans that sag on my children's tiny heinies. Bwahahaha.
Ah yes. Welcome back to freedom school.
And this is the part where I confess that Miles's first day picture got taken with my camera phone... stay tuned. 


Audrey said...

I love their hair! No wonder their skinny jeans sag...they have skinny genes :)

jen@odbt said...

Oh to have saggy skinny jeans ;) Great captures. I'm going to try to copy the bus approaching but at our bus stop we have over 25 kids!

Rachel said...

I think your kids are as skinny as mine.....look at those tiny little bums! Best shot ever though - it's the cutest!

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