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Friday, August 26, 2011

I knit stuff.

So, I mentioned at the beginning of the year, that I was hoping to knit through 5 miles of yarn in 2011. By mid August, I had met that goal.

Obviously, I haven't posted many of the finished objects I've knit. That would be because I haven't photographed them. Two of those items are sweaters which, frankly, it's just too dang hot to be wearing long enough to get pictures of.

But I do have two items to share with you.

 The first of which is this adorable sweater vest which I knit for a colleague of my husband They just had their first little baby boy. And if we're being honest with each other, we can admit that there isn't anything cuter than a baby boy in a sweater vest. Right?
 And the back. It ALMOST makes me wish I had a teeny boy to wear it.
 As it is, Libby looked adorable in it. This was just so I could make sure of sizing. It's about 12 months.

The other project is probably the most favorite thing I've ever knit.
 This is the Clara Dress. Unfortunately, you can only get the pattern by purchasing it as a kit. But I was desperate. I had to knit this tiny dress.
I think you can see why.
 I only wish I'd have made it a couple inches longer. I was worried about running out of yarn, but I totally shouldn't have been. I could easily have knit another 2 inches and still had plenty left over.
But I actually adore the length. I just put a pair of frilly bloomers on her and we're good to go. And I think she can continue to wear it as a tunic type top for quite a while.

I'll be back with more knit items soon.


stephanie said...

Wow. That dress is so gorgeous. Can't wait to see what else you've been working on.

Shelah said...

That dress is so stinking cute, I'll bet it almost makes you want to have another baby who could wear it.
p.s. Love the header

Jamie said...

Absolutely adorable dress!

Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

seriously?!?!? The vest is adorable. that dress? in love! I look at your stuff and think I should learn to knit. Then I look again and realize nothing would ever look as good as yours and I'd just be bitter and frustrated. You're amazing.

Aunt Jacques said...

It's so beautiful!!!

Becky Weaver said...

SO so cute! Add a long-sleeve Tshirt and leggings and it'll be good through the winter too!! :)

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