What's Going Down

Thursday, May 24, 2007


"Who is rich? He who rejoices in his portion." -The Talmud

Been thinking alot about gratitude and why I just can't seem to be happy with what we've got. I mean, come on!

I've got this: (the pictures are mostly for my parents who are STILL on dial-up and therefore couldn't watch the slideshow)
And one of these:
And of course, this:
And a husband who loves me, and works so hard to provide for us!
And a "job" that provides me with some fun money.
And I just need to refocus. Recompose. Keep my eye on the big picture.
And squeeze every drop of love out of this life.


Char said...

Great reminder!

Sabra said...

some great thoughts. i think we all need to do that more often.

Amber said...

Ditto. Thanks for the reminder.

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