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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fantasy Vacation

 I have always maintained that roadtrips with my children do not qualify as vacations. The kids may refer to them as such, but the adults involved are never fully relaxed and therefore are not, in fact, on vacation. 

In case that wasn't clear: Any excursion where you bring your children along is not a vacation, it is a trip. With the possible exception of a Disney Cruise (where they take your kids away for the majority of the day). Don't even get me started on how badly I want that!

At any rate, we took a trip. For the Christmas holidays we traveled to Pennsylvania and stayed at my sister Jenny's house. My entire purpose for taking this trip was expressed to my husband several times: I just want to go knit with my sister. 
 And so it was. And it was good. 
Of course we did a lot of other things too. It literally took the entire of Christmas Day to open the presents for 9 children (Jenny has four, herself) and 6 adults (my Mom & Dad were there too!) We went shopping. We ate a lot of amazing food. We scolded each other's children...
We sat and talked endlessly. If I squinted really hard I could almost imagine that it would always be this way...


Jenny said...

Sniff sniff....please come knit with me again... And scold my children, heaven knows I'm sick and tired of doing it.

Rachelle said...

i love that you did this. and i love the talk you gave to your husband about what your trip was really about. i miss my sisters. wish we lived closer.

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