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Friday, February 24, 2012


There in the middle (the only one with facial hair) is my dad. No, not my dad. My daddy. 

This picture, taken at Christmas bring tears to my eyes. I have the best daddy in the whole entire world. He doesn't want you to know it, but he's a big ol' softie. I mentioned ages ago that if he grew his beard out "like Santa," we'd come for Christmas. He made sure to call and remind me of that fact around Thanksgiving. He kept his word. So did we. 

The above picture represents 8/19ths of his grandchildren. I like to pretend that he likes my contributions to that number the best. Each of his grandchildren would probably tell you that he likes them best. That's the kind of awesome Jumpah (Lucas's name for him) he is. 
Love you Daddy. Miss you so much!

(I'm told the beard was removed promptly after we left).

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Cheri said...

Ohhhh! Now I love him too! Every child deserves at least one grandparent that is crazy about them. Such a sweet post.

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