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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

10 Years.

 Recently, my oldest daughter, Abbie, celebrated her tenth birthday. This baffles me. She isn't supposed to be ten. I'm not sure what she is SUPPOSED to be, but it isn't ten and it isn't a fourth grader.
 But I suppose if you're going to be ten, you couldn't be a better ten. She's the kid who is liked by everyone. She's the kid who other parents say things like "Abbie is welcome in my home ANYTIME" about. She's the kid who doesn't give me a moment's worry about her grades. She's the witty, hilarious kid that everyone wants to be friends with, including me. She's the helpful, empathetic older sister, the tremendous girl who thinks of others before herself and puts her trust in the Lord. She is a reminder to me of why we were sent here to this Earth...so that we could know of the Godlike power of creation and the ability to love someone so unconditionally. And yes, in the ten years I've known her, I've learned that. 
Happy Birthday to my dear daughter, who made me a Mother.

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