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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Our second port day found us in Belize. When you cruise to Belize, they park the cruise ship about a 15 minute boat ride away from the shore (because it's too shallow) and you ride a Tender (smallish boat) over to Belize City. 
 (Belize City from the Tender)

 We walked straight past the Carnival tours and found a Tier 2 gentleman who bartered with us for what we wanted: Cave Tubing and Ziplining. The final price we agreed upon was about half what Carnival cost. Score!

We piled into a van with 8 other very nice people and our fantastic tour guide. As he drove through Belize City he gave us a very fascinating and informative tour. Probably my favorite little factoid was that while there is a Speed Limit in Belize, they do not employ ANY highway patrolmen. I really wouldn't mind going back to Belize again. I found it to be a charming and beautiful country (where the official language is English).

We drove about an hour into the country for our excursion. We started out with a Cave Tubing tour. It was so cool. We took about a 25 minute hike through the jungle/rainforest with our tubes. I saw the largest anthill I've ever laid eyes on. We also saw some Howler monkeys. I didn't get ANY pictures of the cave tubing because again... it was a water excursion and we didn't feel like risking getting the camera wet.

I would like to point out that the zipline excursion is the main reason I wanted to take THIS cruise. I wanted to go ziplining in Belize. Bucket List check!
I would also like to point out that I wasn't even the least bit scared. These guys working with us were extremely careful and safe. It was awesome. I can't recommend it enough. 
Plus, I had this totally hot guy (the barechested one) along for the ride.
 I really wish we'd had more adventure type excursions like this one. 

Toward the end of the Zipline thing, one of the guides leaned over and pointed to something on the ground.  It was this: 
 He assured us we need not be afraid of her because she was laying her eggs. Oh sure. Sorry. Didn't help. Spiders are not my favorite thing.

Overall, the zipline was easily my favorite part of the trip. 

 I'd do it again. And again. And again. 
 Especially with this guy by my side. I'm so freaking lucky!
Then it was back to the ship. That evening, after dinner, we attended a dance performance. It was pretty good! I enjoyed the dancing much more than the singing, but it was a better use of our evening than what we had done previously (aka: fall asleep... hey! we're old, leave us alone). 
 Self portraits just aren't self portraits without duck face, right?
We are just SOOO klassy!

Tomorrow: Roatan, Honduras


stephanie said...

You guys are so fit!

Elizabeth said...

Both of you look super fit.

Cheri said...

Ha ha ha! I love the guy's super bored face in the background of the zip line pictures. All this looks so fun. And you both look great! I've never been on a cruise, so I am living vicariously through you. Hope you don't mind. (;

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