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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Girly Man Makes Good

Miles is an intellectual. A thinker.

Also, he's kind of a big wimp. I'm his mother, so I can say this. He's not really into sports, doesn't like getting dirty, and overall, he just doesn't care.

He is now 6.5 and every other child his age (and some MUCH younger) know how to ride a bike without training wheels. I've tried embarrassing him into wanting it, tried bribing with legos, tried forcing.  We even went so far as to take the pedals off so he could attempt to ride it like a strider bike. No dice. He really just didn't care.

Today I mentioned to Miles that it would be really fun if we could all ride bikes together over to our local Italian ice place. His face lit up. I put the pedals back on the bike, gave him a push and he was off. Just like that.

And for the record, this was the ONLY time he rode the bike without a helmet all day. From that moment on, it was firmly strapped to his head.

Once again, this kid surprises me daily.


Stephanie Rose said...

As I was reading this, I thought you were talking about my 6.5 year old...he is the same. I may use this idea to help and give him that extra push too. Our son also has a very high IQ and is a literal thinker. We are proud, but I feel like I have to greatly explain things so he can evaluate how important (relevant) it is to actually do them...

Glad he took a chance and did so well. Go Mom!

Jenny said...

Rock on Miles. Don't worry Tab was older than him when he finally decided to give it a go. I really think they would be such good friends if you guys didn't live so far away. Sigh...

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