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Monday, May 12, 2008

In short.

It's been unusually dry here lately and our lawn was dying... so we bought a sprinkler head. Saturday was a scorching 96. Yeah. That's hot. See, that's the problem with Florida summers... it's just so stinking hot you can't barely stand going outside. And for the record... it was AFTER the recommended 4pm when these were taken.

Anyway. Sprinkler head. The kids were so darned ecstatic. Pictures, of course.Trying out some different processing techniques here... bear with me. Or let me know what you think... whatever. The haze you see, is actually just water.

That one might be my favorite.
Yeah. That was fun.


Amber said...

I'm jealous. Also the second picture? The one of Miles? He's all grown up! When did that happen?

Anonymous said...

Can I come play?!!

Matt said...

Alissa it's mid-May. It's not summer yet. 96 is too hot. Of course, that said, we're supposed to be up to 100 by tomorrow, but it rained yesterday... crazy weather.

smart mama said...

fab pics- and i'm up for sprinklers!!

Melinda said...

I love those pics. And I like the processing you used. Very fun.

sheri said...

Way fun pics!

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