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Friday, March 9, 2012

Playin' Hookey

When I was growing up my mother would typically allow us one Free Day per school year. Yes, that's right. we were allowed to skip school. I will add that it wasn't allowed to be on a day when we had an important test or anything (responsible parenting still intact).

These were the best days. I remember going shopping. I remember my senior year of high school, my mom and I went strawberry picking. That was the best. I think once my kids get into high school, I will enact this tradition. It will be my one redeeming grace; I'll be the cool Mom for one whole day. Maybe.

This morning Abbie woke up feeling awful. She was running a low grade temperature so I told her to just go back to bed. She agreed and basically slept all morning. Around 1pm she woke up feeling infinitely better.

So I let her braid my hair into what seemed like a million braids. I pretend like this was something she suggested, but in actuality it was my idea. I really enjoy having my hair played with and she was super excited to do it. And I looked awesome, as you can plainly see.

After that, I decided to re-teach her how to knit. The last time I taught her (about two years ago) there was a lot of frustration on both of our parts and not much success. 
Not this time! She spent most of the rest of the day holed up on the couch with her knitting. I really hope it's caught on.  However, I'm not sure I thought this through completely as now I'm going to have to share my yarn stash. Uh. Not cool. 

(My husband would like me to state that for the record, we do not allow our daughters to wear tank tops as clothing. It is acceptable as an undershirt or possibly as pajamas.  Since she is still wearing her pajamas, that happens to be what she had on.)


Catherine said...

I think that is a fabulous tradition!

Jenn Nielsen said...

I just might have to borrow your super-cool mom idea too!

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