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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


 The bike trail that runs behind our house really is one of my favorite things about where we live. It enables us to take leisurely walks as a family. Someday, though, when everyone is old enough, we'd like to go on bike rides together. We also would all need bikes. Small oversight.
 I always take my camera along when we go out there because its a good way to get some honest interactions captured on "film". 
 The purse she is wearing has been her constant companion for the better part of a week. It's contents: a My Little Pony, two super balls, and a bean bag. She will gladly empty it's contents for you if you ask to see them. 
My LibbyMae (as she's called) sure loves her Daddy. 
 I'm going to pretend like this picture didn't happen. 8 and 10 year old girls can be pretty emotional. (Understatement of the century). 
The husband looks tired. I think it's because we spent the entire day sleeping. This walk was literally the only thing we did that day. Also, proof that my husband can sorta grow facial hair. 

But see! Not always all emotional! Sometimes just sweetness and light. Yeah, this is the one I'll keep.

I'll be back with more pictures from this walk... I took lots.

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Kayli said...

That last picture is just so beautiful. (I should say the girl IN the picture is so beautiful, but you probably get it.)

Also, I love those tiny little piggy-tails. :)

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