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Sunday, January 31, 2010


We received a coupon in the mail for some deal on bowling for the whole family. And even though we're not great bowlers, we have a good time. Bumpers are always a good thing!

Abbie and Anna would approach the lane and almost LOB the ball. I just know if someone was tossing bowling balls on my hardwood floors, I would NOT be happy.

I foolishly didn't think that Lucas would be all that interested in bowling. Really. His favorite word is "ball". Duh.

So, Matt sacrificed a couple of his frames (although, lets be honest... not the best bowler) to Lucas.

And Miles, well... Miles is of the age where he wants to do it all himself. Hefting the 6 pound ball out there, and shoving down the lane... which takes about 2 minutes to reach the pins. But what he lacks in ability, he makes for in enthusiasm, right?

No pictures of me. But you can imagine the stares an 8.5 month pregnant woman might receive at a bowling alley. (Insert joke about smuggling a ball here.)

And for the record... I totally won.


sheri said...

Fun! We went bowling in Colorado and used that ramp thing for Kelly. Not quite the same excitement as throwing it out there yourself, but she seemed to like it. And nobody got their toes smashed or slipped on the lane, lol.

w said...

you totally took my joke.

Carley, John, Cohen, kennedy said...

Yea well you are pretty much awesome at bowling mrs. "I beat your score by like 4x" (Which I have to admit isn't hard to do... super cute and looks like super fun!

Jenny said...

We too love bowling and also suck at it. I just love the pic of Lucas.

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