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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Boys.

While the girls are in school, I really do enjoy the time I get to spend with my boys. Lazy mornings. Staying in our jammies until the last possible moment. Naps. *Sigh.*

Lucas, at 21 months old has finally "mastered" the use of utensils. I use the word mastered loosely. He can spear things with his fork and transport them to his mouth with it. He can also eat a cup of yogurt semi-successfully with a spoon. We call this mastered.

And this little guy... well, not so little any more, but still my baby. Every afternoon, after Lucas is down for his nap, and we get a couple quick chores done, Miles and I will settle in for "Snuggle Time." At first, it was my way of getting to lay down and take a nap and hope that Miles would also fall asleep. And it worked! But now, as a creature of habit, every single day, Miles requests his Snuggle Time. Who am I to argue? Usually, I'll fall asleep for a quick 20 minutes and he'll blissfully sleep for a good hour or more. Love this boy.

So blessed. So. Very. Blessed.


Lee said...

Your boys are the cutest.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I love having boys.

And Campbell and I have snuggle time every afternoon, too....'cept he never ever falls asleep. Jerk.

Sabra said...

yeah, Seth doesn't fall asleep either. How do you get Lucas to do it? love it, though.

Sabra said...

I meant Miles. doh.

Jamie said...

I always loved that snuggle time. :)
(And gotta love that IKEA dinnerware!)

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