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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Project #1

Whenever the weather gets cold (did I mention that we had frozen precipitation? can't really call it snow...), my mind turns to all manner of yarn-related crafting.

Bring on the needles and hooks!

I've started my very first afghan. I've never crocheted anything larger than a hat, but I was feeling ambitious, I guess.

I'm about 25% finished with the "blocks" and then I'll have to seam them all together, which I am imagining is going to take just as long as making the blocks themselves. But gosh darnit, I'm making an afghan!


Mandi said...

So you're saying you never crocheted an afghan with the rest of us at MAT??

Alissa said...

i don't believe i did...

sheri said...

I LOVE the colors! I need to learn how to knit. That is cool. And when it's done, you can look at your awesome afghan and say "I made that!"

Ruth Solter said...

You know, I must be stuck in the 80's. Your colors are great!! I can never get over crocheting across. Making all those squares would drive me crazy!! You go girl!!

Jenny said...

That is awesome. I'm totally in a "yarn phase" right now too.

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