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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm sure you're totally sick of looking at my kid.

But, I'm still babymooning. I think it helps that he's teeny. I can still pretend he's a newborn. Sorta. Except that he's trying to sit, and roll over and all that. I mean, he is easily fitting into 0-3 month clothes still. Despite my efforts to nurse him longer and more often, he remains rather scrawny. So for size reference. A picture of Matt holding him while eating dinner.

for reference.
But as I said, he's making efforts to roll over. He is totally successful from his belly to his back, but can't really figure out the other direction.
i kinda have a thing for stripes.
Sidenote: Have I mentioned that I'm kinda sorta, a fan of stripes? It wasn't obvious? Appalling. Also, thank you Sheri for that adorable shirt! I sent a note, didn't I? Please say yes.

Lucas really is a fantastic kid, especially if you don't mind drool. I'm not sure if my other kids were just blessed with less drippy mouths, but I certainly don't remember this level of salivation. drippy
Seriously, I need a bib. For me. Oh, I guess they call that a burp pad. Whatever. I'm rather soggy most of the day.

And I know I mentioned this in my last post devoted to him, but this kid's hair is hilarious.
the hair.
It totally looks as if we cut it like this. I promise you, we did not.

And I think that wraps up this week's round of Lucas pictures. Stay tuned till next week!


Cate said...

Oh my gosh, how cute is he?! I love stripes too. When my now-six-year-old son was baptized, he had a pair of striped Gap pants on underneath the Baptismal gown. I nicknamed them Party Pants. When our daughter was baptised a few months ago, I promised my Mom I wouldn't put Party Pants on underneath her gown. No fun! :)

stephanie said...

yah, he's cute.

sheri said...

He's totally worth all the posts and pictures!
And yes, you did send a card.

Amber said...

Uterus aching. He's adorable. I could look at pictures of him all day.

Char said...

His hair! Freaking love it! And yay for scrawny babies!

Nicole said...

I have to say, he is pretty darn cute! All your kids are adorable.

We loved PA and I assume you loved growing up there! Absolutely beautiful!

Your last several posts were all great. I particularly liked the back to school commentary! Also, I'm gonna have to visit your food blog! I need some renewed enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

it's me again, how in the world do you get your pictures to have the professional quality? you more than likey have a nice camera, not a point and shoot LOL! very gifted.

we lived in PA for about 8 years, just moved to Chicago about 2 years ago. you should email me.... spasm5 at att. net

love to talk to you more

Sabra said...

never tire of pics of him! love the stripes, too.

Shan said...

tiny + stripy + drooly = CUTIE!

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