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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How we spent our Memorial Day...

No, that's not my son, or my husband. Just some friends of ours. A rather large group of us trekked out to Daytona Beach yesterday. We had a great time and the adults in our family got nice and crispy. Fun times!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I had almost forgotten...

I love shooting families. And it's been over a month since I've done one. And I'd almost forgotten why!

When you photograph a family, you get a tiny peek into their lives. The way they interact, how much they love each one of their kids, and it just makes me so darn happy!

I had the awesome opportunity to photograph this gorgeous family today. Kids were cuter than cute and mom and dad were totally fun! Thought I'd throw up a sneak peek to tide the mom over.
Also, before I post the picture, I wanted to add that often, I will post pictures to my blog that are MY favorites. Every once in a while, a client and I will agree, but not nearly often enough... so I have to get my fix somehow! So, here's my favorite so far: (tons more pictures to work on!)

Thursday, May 24, 2007


"Who is rich? He who rejoices in his portion." -The Talmud

Been thinking alot about gratitude and why I just can't seem to be happy with what we've got. I mean, come on!

I've got this: (the pictures are mostly for my parents who are STILL on dial-up and therefore couldn't watch the slideshow)
And one of these:
And of course, this:
And a husband who loves me, and works so hard to provide for us!
And a "job" that provides me with some fun money.
And I just need to refocus. Recompose. Keep my eye on the big picture.
And squeeze every drop of love out of this life.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A promise finally fulfilled...

I promised to share pictures. Does this work?

Saturday, May 12, 2007


I'm seriously giddy! Today, I received this picture in my email inbox:

Click to see it bigger. See that kid? Well, here. This one:
Yeah, that one. That's my kid. A couple of months ago, Kathy Wolfe advertised that she was looking for some kids willing to be photographed for a Nikon project she was doing (they had to be located in or around our area - lucky us!). Since she's a major source of inspiration for me, I jumped at the chance. Not only was it totally awesome getting to see Kathy work and see her fabulous photographs of my children, but it was just a really cool experience in general getting to meet someone that I admire intently.

(P.S. Kathy, I'm totally not a stalker! Ok, maybe I stalk you just a little... but only on your blog and flickr and your website... that's it. I promise.)

Well, it has been several months and I honestly haven't thought about it until today. Apparently one of the images of Abbie that Kathy took made the box for the Nikon D40.
Which from what I've heard/read, is a fabulous camera. I can't begin to tell you how stoked I am. I'm off to Best Buy ASAP! If you go, and you see Abbie... do a little happy dance for me!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The truth comes out.

So, Mother's Day is on Sunday. Always a holiday that makes me laugh. This year moreso than before. Here's why:

Abbie was sent home from preschool today with a laminated "certificate" for me. She did the standard "teacher asks open-ended questions for her to fill in." Had me near tears... yes, I was laughing that hard.

"My mom is special because... she tells me to clean up."

1. Yes, I do.
2. That makes me special?
3. Yes, I'm militant that way.

"I like it when my mom... opens my closet and lets me take one toy."

1. This totally deserves it's own blog post.
2. It's true.
3. Judge me.

"My mom can do many things! She's best at... playing games on her computer."

1. Snood Slide rocks!
2. However, I barely play games.
3. I'm totally working on my computer. NOT PLAYING. (only a small lie!)

"My mom is pretty as a... flower."

1. Yeah, like one of those wilting ones.

"My mom is smart! She even knows... about reading books."

1. I can totally read.

"My mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by... cleaning up."

1. See the first one.
2. Again, true.
3. I like a clean house!
4. You totally wouldn't know it by coming over.
Love you too, Princess!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A simple thing like a slip.

Every single Sunday, I am reminded of my mom. EVERY. SINGLE. SUNDAY.

You never realize the neuroses that you're going to pass onto your children. Some are bad. This one... not necessarily.

When I was a girl, there was a LAW. Irrevocably decreed, even. Girls wear slips under skirts/dresses. That's it. No questions asked. Now, there have been times when, as an adult, I'm wearing a skirt that is lined, or for example, wool (aka opaque). Do these situations require slip wearing? According to my mom, YES.

According to me, not unless I can find one?
The other Sunday, I grabbed a lined skirt out of my closet. Looked briefly for a slip, while simultaneously brushing Abbie's hair and changing Miles's poopy diaper. Also, we were inevitably running late.

Oh, the guilt. I left for church... no slip. And let me tell you. I was cursing myself all day long. Just so happens, this skirt is not lined with a slip-like polyester. No, cotton. And of course, I spent ALL STINKING DAY pulling it down! It kept riding up and catching between my legs. Oh, how I longed for a slip.

It made me appreciate my mom.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Quiet time with the Giles.

Miles has really come into his own personality in the last month or so. He's always been quite sassy, but now we're talking almost bullyish. He's definitely much happier than he was during about months 3-14 of his life. Which is not to say that he's a happy kid all the time now, but wow, so much better.

We've started to do timeouts in the corner for misbehavior. For example, purposely scratching your sister across the face because she won't let you open her dresser drawer and remove it's contents... not okay.

He's finally started to take a liking to things. His favorites at 19 mos: puzzles, LEGOS (Yay! A boy toy!), balls (though not nearly as obsessively as some boys), and The Wiggles.
He recognizes things at the store, like Dora and Elmo and gets so excited. He does still get really excited about playing Polly Pockets with the girls, but he can easily spend an hour engrossed in those awesome Duplos, or MegaBloks. We have a very limited supply, so I'm in the market (preferably garage sale!).

Watching him play an figure things out is just TOO cool. Having a boy kinda rocks.

Please click to see these bigger. You need to in order to get the full cuteness effect.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Still sane after all these years...

7 years today. Seven. Doesn't that seem like an awful long time? I told Matt that we've now been married for more than 1/4 th of my life.

7 years. 3 kids. Crazy.

Matt surprised me yesterday and arranged babysitting and dragged me off to Universal Islands of Adventure. It was a blast. Especially since roller coasters are in my top ten list of favorite things ever. No wonder I loved gymnastics so much. I seriously giggled like a little girl. Greatest anniversary yet.

Though, it did make me feel SO OLD. There were teenagers everywhere. Dressed just absolutely slutty. I mean, I guess I'm not sure when it became mainstream instead of white trash to wear a teeny bikini top with gym shorts hanging off your butt in a public place. Also, if you're going to dress that way, you oughta be dang skinny... muffin top is nasty, girls.

Anyway. For those wondering. I'm fine! I'm feeling significantly better and am hoping to actually be able to function this week! Hooray!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Something is up.

There is something wrong with me. No, I mean it. I'm calling my doctor on Monday. I guess that's just in case you were wondering where I've been. And no, I'm not pregnant, mom.

I am also seriously exhausted. I'm still using my camera, but the pictures are just sitting there on my card, taking up space.

A big THANK YOU to all of my Utah clients who made my trip a total success! Maybe I'll be out again someday... :D Requests to travel to other locations will be entertained.

Something for everyone to keep in mind: Father's Day... coming up VERY quickly. Wouldn't new pictures of the kids be the perfect gift? I think so, which is why I'll be taking some of my kids this week. Matt, pretend like you didn't read this.

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