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Sunday, October 31, 2010



I wore it to church today. I love the blues and purples. And a simple, fun knit.



And yes, I'm avoiding showing you pictures of my face. Well, my hair really... it's huge. And weird. I'll show you better what I'm talking about this week.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

And Now... For the Main Event.

I've been putting off photographing all six (yes, there are more) finished projects I have because I wanted to wait until this one was done.

Sea Princess Test

This was another test-knit for a knitwear designer. It was an absolute delight to knit. Plus, I got to use a yarn that I've never used before and absolutely fell in love. MUST HAVE MORE YARN. I think this week, I'll have to take some pictures of my yarn stash so you can laugh at my "need."

Sea Princess Back

Yes. More cables on the back. And the sleeves. I was actually asked to knit the size 8-9. Abbie is teeny. So, even though she's 8.5, she really only wears a 6/7. So, admittedly the jacket is a bit long on her. But I actually like the longer length... it gives it more of a swing coat feel, I think.
Sea Princess Test

Overall, I think it's great. I *almost* wish it was for me, except for the part where I'm not really into nautical cables for adults who aren't on a boat. Sue me.

Coming Soon to a Neck Near You...

Growing Leaves Cowl

I made this.
Growing leaves

I have forewarned my husband that it is time for me to move out of FL (as I type this, I'm sweating... our windows are open and the fans are going... it's too hot). I need seasons.
I need a reason to keep this for myself!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grubby Mitts

Ok, not grubby. But I love using those two words together. About a billion (not an exaggeration, I swear) years ago, I finished these mitts.
Endpaper Mitts

These were the most fun thing to knit.  I learned how to do stranded colorwork (fair isle) and I'm hooked. I've been eyeing up a set like this. Tell me it wouldn't make you just thrilled to wrap that around you and head out into the cold...
But alas. We have no cold.
So, instead someone else will be enjoying these. I bet you wish it was you.

Endpaper Mitts

I think I need to make another pair for the 4 days it gets cold enough... what colors would you suggest?

Endpaper Mitts

Friday, October 15, 2010

Extra! Extra!

Woman neglects her blog in favor of peace and quiet. Given that she's got five children, her pursuit for peace & quiet is fruitless.

Because it's finally October, the weather has started to cool to manageable temperatures. This means we can go out of our house for longer than the time it takes to get into our cars. Huzzah!

We have one particular tradition in our house that is highly protected. The post-church Sunday afternoon nap. If I don't get one, you really don't want to be around me on Sunday evening. On this past Sunday, I managed to get a decently long nap (longer than 20 minutes) and woke to the sounds of my children playing happily on the patio outside our bedroom. I wandered out there to check on them to find this:

 Libby, who was napping, but woke up, was gotten out of bed by her big sisters and strapped into this thing. When I found her she was just rocking back and forth and happy as can be. That is, until she saw me.
Breaks a momma's heart. And makes me giggle my fool head off.
 There... now that's more like it. Smiley girl. 7 months old now!
We took a walk as a family since the weather was so darned agreeable.
 Guess who potty trained this week?!?!?!!!!

 Love these little people.
Especially when they're full of happy noises.

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