What's Going Down

Monday, March 30, 2009

Things that are missing:

I admit to having moved rather chaotically. We haven't changed our address with basically any of our companies, we still need to finish cleaning the other place (going on a cleaning strike for the last two weeks comes back to bite me!) and I use the word "packing" rather lightly.

Throwing random things is boxes is more like what happened. I do not recommend this moving style at all.

Things that are missing:
1. All of my pajamas. I actually know where they are, but it's in a Rubbermaid bin in the garage underneath about 4 others. Not worth it.

2. My sanity. Pretty sure that got packed along with the next item.

3. Our memory card reader for the camera. So, despite having taken pictures, I can do nothing with them. If I don't find it tomorrow, I'm buying another one. My sanity, however, might be gone forever.

So, in an attempt to entertain you, I will share some pictures I've never shared.

These were taken in the beginning of March. Those of you in cold weathered areas should get your hankies out.

It got hot. So we did what we do in the Summer. We blast the sprinklers and cool down!
Yes, this gives me heart palpitations. She's up pretty high.

Because sometimes finding your bathing suit just takes too darn long.
A good time had by all! They played out there for a good half hour and my lawn got well-watered (well, not MY lawn...) and boy did it need it.
And not to be left out... Lucas joined right in, though I get the feeling he just wanted a drink.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

You can stop.

Holding your breath, that is.

The house is ours! I probably won't be around much till after we move (next Saturday) due to an incredible amount of painting that needs to be done to rid us of the pink walls.

Also, my computer is harboring a virus which we can't seem to lick.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hold Your Breath.

We close tomorrow. Some breath holding and prayers would be appreciated.

And some design mojo. We're still at an impasse over here.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I really shouldn't play favorites.

But when your three year old is yelling singing B-I-N-G-O! at the top of his lungs while going to the bathroom, you just can't help it!

big boy now

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Merry Christmas

Yes, I know. We're running a couple months behind.

But we finally received our Christmas presents from my parents and I just had to show them off. Well, some of them. My mom made us a snowman wall hanging and the girls loved it so much that I haven't seen it since, and therefore didn't get a picture of it.

I've mentioned before that my dad is an amazing carpenter. He's got skillz.

Check out what he made the kids for Christmas!

For Miles. He played with it ALL DAY LONG.

For Lucas. This sweet little grasshopper. He didn't have much interest in it, aside from licking it a couple of times. No. He was too busy climbing in and out of this:

It's for the girls. They've been threatened with death if they ruin it. And yes, it's totally big enough to put an actual baby in.

Too bad we're done!

Aren't I the luckiest girl in the world with the coolest Dad?!

Welcome to Awkward

And so we enter the phase of life that we all wish we could have avoided. Ages 7-16.

Also known as that awkward not-all-my-teeth-fit-in-my-mouth stage. I imagine we'll emerge (hopefully victorious) around age 16. We've already been informed that braces are highly likely and we've started a savings fund for it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

15 Minutes

I am sure that this is nothing revolutionary, but it has been working awesomely for me, so I thought I'd share.

My kids have figured out that cleaning up isn't really all that fun. And while I whole-heartedly agree with them, we still need to pretend that we're not living in squalor on occasion.

When I was growing up, we would have races to see who could clean up their assigned room faster. Which worked... sometimes. My mom tried all kinds of tactics and threats. But what seemed to consistently work was simply putting on some music. And setting a timer.

And so, "The 15 Minute Dance/Clean" was born. Right before dinner, we set a timer, one kid gets to pick the music, and we go! go! GO! Racing around to see how much we can accomplish in 15 minutes. There is, in general, very little complaining. I act like a total dork and dance around (which I love!) My kids get into it, I get into it, and before we know it 15 minutes has flown by and the entire downstairs is clean! Ta da!

Some of our favorites to Dance/Clean to:
They Might Be Giants
Mamma Mia Soundtrack
Indigo Girls
Dixie Chicks
Anything that gets us moving!

Good luck and let me know if it works for you!

Monday, March 2, 2009



Skinny, chicken-legged, boy with lightsaber tucked in his underpants on the loose. Can be seen wearing silly blue velvet cape, sporting skinned knees and socks. Should be considered armed and dangerously cute.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Decorating our new place.

I know we haven't closed yet, but I need to just soldier on and pretend like nothing could go wrong. We're past the inspection. We're past our appraisal... and now we wait.

Since we've been renters for the last uh... ok. We've always been renters. Basically, I haven't ever really made the effort to decorate. And I have to admit, my mom was not a decorator. Sorry, mom. But she didn't know anything about tablescapes and color combinations and well, basically anything. So, I don't exactly have a strong background.

I'm a n00b! I've spent a bunch of time researching and getting inspiration.

What Matt and I have learned: we have the complete opposite decorating style. He leans toward contemporary/modern (BORING and COLD), and I'm more a Pottery Barn/Crate & Barrel type girl (warm and inviting). I will give you one guess on who will win this battle. (Hint! The person who spends more time at the house.)

In my excitement over having an actual place to live, I created this for the Living Room:

And yesterday at Target, I bought these on 75% off Clearance for the Kitchen.
Kitchen Colors
Except the yellow will be a more muted tone.

Anyone have any ideas? Or websites they love for decorating inspiration? Or favorite decor blogs? Bring it on!

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