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Monday, June 28, 2010

In the Knick of Time

For Father's Day I had already picked out my husband's gift. He hadn't been very discreet about what he wanted.
So, he received a gun. Not just any gun, no.
A big honkin' NERF gun. Boys. **eyeroll*

A gift for my dad, on the other hand... well, I could manage that. I started some socks for him on May 30th. I assumed I would finish them in time for Christmas. At least, that's what my track record suggests. My first pair of socks took me about 4 months. I know. 

Miraculously, I finished them on the Wednesday before Father's Day. Mailed them Thursday. He received them on Saturday. Just in time.

These are pictures of my husband modeling the socks. They're a little big on him because I made them for my dad, who happens to be larger than my husband... but isn't everyone?

My dad claims he will never wear them just to get me back for refusing to use the wooden spoon he hand carved for me. Cruel.

Sunday Sharing

This week in history:
June 2007

One of my very favorite pictures of Abbie. 
Also, hilariousness and a tiny Miles (he was totally sporting one of those rub-on tattoos around his belly button.... I remember that he ended up getting a tan line from it.)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Speaking Of...

Quite a few of you noticed in my last post the hilarious thing I failed to point out.
Libby... firmly latched onto Abbie's shoulder. Abbie just kept giggling.
Well, sure. It's funny.
That is, until you realize that your eldest daughter just received her first hickey. Nice.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

If you had five kids...

none of which were in school.... you probably would struggle to find time for blogging too.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I am certain that as soon as I type this blog post and hit "Publish" things will change, but I just  wanted to brag on my girl.

None of my babies have slept in my room past 2 months. I just find that both baby and I sleep better when we're in different rooms. I will wake up to every little tiny sound they make and I don't really give them the opportunity to learn to put themselves back to sleep. I just works that much better to have them in another room... one where I can hear them if they really wake up and start crying, but not where I wake up at their slightest sound.

Unfortunately, in this house, such a room does not exist. The kids' bedrooms are on the completely opposite side of the house and upstairs. I am certain that Libby would wake up the girls before she ever woke me up. And having three children awake is not ideal.

So, Libby has been sleeping in our room in the Pack N Play. And as a testament to what an amazingly wonderful kid she is... having her in my room doesn't bother me one bit. Her little noises don't wake me up. And she RARELY wakes up in the night. She's in bed by 9pm and wakes up around 6am.  I feed her and she falls back to sleep until 8 or 9am.

She takes WONDERFUL naps too! 

I'm one very spoiled mama. And I can't recall a time that I felt as well-rested so soon after having a baby.
I love my Bibby.
Ain't she a doll?
(And yes, she's a tummy sleeper.)

You Win!

Can I first say how much I wanted each of you to win... I kept picturing you guys all in matching headbands made by me... Yeah. I'm THAT cool.

Congratulations to.... SHERI!!! Good thing she brought me all those Snickers and Cokes.

I'll shoot you an email. Or Facebook you. Or catch you on Instant Messenger. (I promise this wasn't fixed.)

Stay tuned for some totally cute pictures.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reminder! Only a couple hours left!

Just a reminder to enter my giveaway! It closes at midnight tonight! I, myself, am getting a little excited to see who wins!

And a promise of new posts this week. The last day of school was last Wedesday and we spent last week getting adjusted to our new summer schedule. Bleh.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

PFMP Chapter 2

Matt bought himself some Vibram FiveFingers. Weird shoes. Weirder that we'd take the whole family along for that purchase. Don't be fooled. They ran all over the store and I was fairly certain they were about to kick us out when we left.
This sweet little angel sleeps like a dream (finding some wood to knock on). She begs for bed by 8:30pm and doesn't wake up until at least 5am... then goes back to sleep till 8 or 9am. I'd be feeling well-rested if I wasn't staying up until 1am watching Netflix On Demand.
Ain't nothing better.
We had a bit of a fever bug run through our house. Lucas just wanted to be cuddled with a blanket over his eyes. Sad, sad little boy. He's all better now, thankfully.

Matt received a rather generous bonus (which he TOTALLY deserved!) from his employer this month. With it, he purchased himself a Cintiq. All of his artist friends are drooling. I've been enjoying it because it means that he's spending his evenings painting and drawing, instead of playing MTG (ugh!).

In case you needed an update on Anna's toothlessness. And yes, there's still another wiggly one in there.
Yummy! I purchased this yarn to make myself a pair of ankle socks... We'll see how it goes... it involves quite a few techniques I haven't ever used. I love trying new stuff!
Talk about distracted driving! Kidding. Matt was driving. This is a WIP for a certain father of mine... Since, you know, Father's Day is just around the corner.
Miles built me this tower last week. He has yet to dismantle it. He's very proud. His architectural skillz are... uh... beautiful?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Giveaway Time

In my last post, I promised a giveaway. I have one and personally, I think it rocks.

I really and truly can't get enough of knitting. You benefit.
Check out this totally adorable headband I knitted for my oldest daughter.

What? She's only worn it once, and I've stolen it and wear it more than frequently?

Well, I'm giving one away. Same color. Possibly a slightly different pattern (keeps things interesting on my end.)
A couple ways you can win:
1. Post a comment telling me how awesome I am or how cute my kids are.
2. "Follow" my blog and post another comment telling me that you follow!
3. Post a link to this giveaway on your blog OR on facebook and post ANOTHER comment telling me you did!

That's right... you get up to THREE chances to win. 
The giveaway will be open until 12am Sunday, June 13th. I'll post the winner and email you on Monday, June 14th (so make sure you leave your email address!)

Good Luck!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tutorial: Make Your Own Mei Tai

I debated quite extensively with my husband about this tutorial. He saw how much time and effort I was putting into making it just right for you guys and he really wanted me to sell it.

I explained to him that I love you guys too much. Besides, it wasn't entirely my design and it's not like there aren't other tutorials out there.

So, download all my lovin' here!

In the tutorial, I mention that I didn't create pattern pieces for you, but I lied. I actually went back and created a pattern for the main body. You can download it here.

I hate disclaimers, but I have to have them. Feel free to make these for yourself, and for your friends. Please don't sell the pattern OR any Mei Tai Carriers that you make from the pattern. AKA Personal Use Only.

And pretty please. If you make one, take a picture and send me a link or an email. It makes me so happy!
Stay tuned for a giveaway on Monday!

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