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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Here we go!

And we're off. The season for the feverish and hurried crafting of gifts, etc begins! Hooray!

I have made the kids handmade ornaments every year since I started having kids... then when they get married/etc, I'll have a bunch of ornaments to give them. This year, I am making stuffed trees a la Little Birds.

I altered her pattern a little. My tree measures about 4 inches tall. It is completely hand-stitched. I did it last night while watching the Biggest Loser. Then I stitched on these seed beads... it was actually extremely therapeutic. I have two more to make... then I'm gonna make a set of three larger ones (the tallest being 8 inches) to put on top of something for decoration.

It's not quite done. It needs a loop for hanging on the tree and a star... which I think I'm gonna make out of some yellow felt. I used wool felt for the green, but I think I'll just use craft felt for the star. If you haven't used wool felt... you should. It's amazing to work with.
I also have plans to make the girls each a doll or all three kids a softie. I'm also making Miles a superhero cape as the only capes we currently have are pink and Matt hates it when he wears them.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

So desperate for Fall...

That we travel 2 days by car, only to discover it's actually already winter in Pennsylvania.

IT WAS FLIPPING COLD. It did get mildly warm on Wednesday... which made the trip worth it. If only for these pictures:

Meet Tab. My sister's impossibly cute kid who didn't think much of me.Sheesh... I miss fall. Again, Winter... not so much.
It had rained for like 2 days before this and those leaves were wet and COLD. Needless to say, the kids got VERY DIRTY.
Abbie's getting to this weird age where she doesn't really want me to take her picture, and if she does, it's this lame girly posing. I love this shot, because it shows the kid she still is.
You can kinda get a feel for what a stinker Miles is...
And how much freaking fun they were having.

I have tons more pictures, but I'm gonna stop here. Save some for later, maybe.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Definitely. Most Assuredly. Undoubtedly.

A boy.

We're thrilled beyond belief. And for the first time, my gut was right. I really believed it was a boy!

On to the hardest part.... no, not labor. Name negotiations.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

They're Ba-Ack...

You loyal blog readers will recall a harrowing day a couple of months ago, when Abbie nearly died at my hand.

Well, have a looksee-The "curlies" have returned. Need more illustration?
I dunno about you, but we're having a PAR-TAY!

Monday, November 12, 2007

An offer!

So, every year, I somehow acquire some great templates for Christmas cards (I honestly seek them out, I'm addicted).

And I really enjoy sharing them. For 3 years now, I've done it for free. Believe me, I learned my lesson last year when I was inundated with requests. This year, I'm just asking you to make a donation. Whatever you feel it's worth to you? I guess if that means, nothing, then well... what can I do?

What do you do? You email me using the link in my profile. You send me the picture or in some cases, pictures that you would like me to insert into the template (please only send pictures that YOU TOOK, or that you have a copyright release for). You let me know which Sample number you'd like me to use along with any pertinent information (name, alternate message, etc) that you'd like me to include. I can make your pictures black & white, reduce red eye, etc. Be sure to let me know if you'd like 4x6 of 5x7 file dimensions. Then, out of the kindness of your heart, you send a donation (pretty please, but not required) to the same email address.

What do I do? Using my magical photoshop abilities, I do what you ask and make you all look like supermodels (kidding!) I create your file. I send it to you. I put a tiny amount of money into my children's Christmas fund (hopefully?). I'll send the file along with directions and recommendations for consumer print labs that do a great job!

Anyway, here are the templates I'm offering:

This last card has slots for 5 pictures, but we could do less.

Also, ignore the dates on some of the templates. Easily changed.

Finally, if you're a client and would like to order a picture from a session that I took for you in a template, simply email me for rates!

Place your bets.

Are you aware that I'm now 18 weeks pregnant? HOLY COW. Baby squiggles and wiggles and jiggles inside me. Loving the movement. And I'm feeling quite the huge. Someday (hopefully this week) I'll have someone snap some pictures of the belly and then you can all, "whoa!" with delight.

In the meantime, we have an all important ultrasound on Thursday morning. You know the one where they check for parts? That one. We aren't good with secrets and I enjoy being prepared. So, we'll be poking/prodding our child into submission and peeking between the legs.

The current kid ratio at our house is 2:1, girls:boys. We honestly have no feelings either way and will be totally thrilled regardless.

So, whatchya think?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A matter of perspective.

A conversation with my newly minted 4 year old really opened my eyes. I thought I'd share.

Anna (out of nowhere): Mom, Why did Ariel's dad get really angry and break all the stuff in her water house? That wasn't very nice.

Me: Well, I think it was because she was disobedient. She did something he told her not to do. Doesn't that happen at our house sometimes? When I ask you not to jump on my bed, and you do it anyway? Do I get angry?

Anna: (nodding vigorously) Yes!

Me: See, Ariel's dad told her to never go to the surface again, and she broke the rules, didn't she? She went up to the surface, right?

Anna: Yes. So, her daddy got angry like you.

Me: Yes, exactly. If only she had been obedient...

And then in my mind, I played out the situation. If Ariel had been obedient, she'd probably have married some nice merman. And lived happily ever after with their mer-children and a successful music career. Not the fairy-tale but certainly a respectable choice! And yet she didn't. And she learned nothing! Because in the end, Tritan rescued her! And she got her Price Eric. Who, in my mind, probably started cheating on her a couple months after the wedding.

Psht. No rescuing for my kids! At least... I'm gonna try not to.

What made me really laugh about this exchange with my sweet girl, was that probably as few as 10 years ago, I could only see Ariel's point of view. Controlling father, unfair demands, etc. And now, as a parent... well, frankly, I don't think I want The Little Mermaid playing in my house anymore.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Just can't get enough...

I must be pregnant, because these newborn images are making me all weepy!

Just sharing a couple more. And for those who asked, Aeris is exactly 2 weeks old in these pictures.
I used some of my more interesting conversions on some of these. I'm loving a more chocolately black and white lately. I just love the warmth I feel it adds.

And a nice color one. Wee girl is struggling with Jaundice, but was looking good at our shoot!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rhymes with Paris.

Sweet, sweet baby girl that I had the joy of photographing today. She did the appropriate thing and peed on dad.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sweaty palms, heart aflutter.

Bank account empty.

This is on it's way to me.

Sweet lovely megapixels Batman!

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