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Monday, December 17, 2012

New Family Pictures

Despite my past as a photographer, I just cannot bring myself to pay someone else to take our family pictures. **Hangs head in shame**

But we persist. We usually go one of two routes:
1. Self timer
2. Trade

The first is self-explanatory but the second just means that I take pictures for someone and they take pictures for me. This year we chose the latter.

Without further ado.
 This is the picture we sent out in our Christmas cards. We apologize if you didn't receive one or didn't receive one yet.
 Lucas. Skeptical as always.

 Libby. Need I say more?
 Thick as thieves, these two.
 *Sigh* Abbie is well on her way to being a sullen teenager. We still like her though.
 In truth, all Lucas wants is all of your attention all of the time. I'm not sure why this is a problem.
 Love this guy. Lots. P.S. Today is his 35th Birthday.
 An excellent shot of all the kids together. Gonna order this one larger.
 I really love their expressions in this one. Perfection.
 Um. Yah. Daddy's girl, much?
 Gah! I just can't take her cuteness!!!
 I will not admit that she is our favorite. I will not. I just won't.
 I have big hair.
 Such a handsome dude. I'm a little worried about the girls as he gets older, but then I remember that he's completely physically uncoordinated and I worry less.
And finally, besties! I hope they stay that way. So far, mostly very little fighting. And yes, we're in big trouble with such gorgeous ladies!

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