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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Random Product Review.

Sweet Merciful Heavens. Okay, a couple of things you need to know about me and my family. We love vinegar. In all it's incarnations. Pickle juice runs in my blood.

I've read several other reviews that said these were totally disgusting. We, all of 5 of us (including my 2 year old), love these chips. Can't get enough. If the tube is open, they're on their way to being gone. I buy 2 tubes everytime I'm at the grocery store. They don't last a week. And I'm restraining myself. No, not for the fat content. For the mere reason that they will make your tongue BLEED. In a good way, sort of. No, really, I can only eat a couple before my tongue starts hurting. But I'm fairly sure one of the main ingredients is CRACK.

Seriously, you have to try these. If you like pickles. Or if you like me. If you open them and don't like them, please send them on over... we'll make short work of them.

Also note: a lack of posting on my part doesn't necessarily indicate a birth, unfortunately. Rest assured, when baby arrives, you'll know. And there will be pictures!

Okay, I'm off to go eat some more... shhh!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Because Abbie's gone at school all day, everyday (well, you know...), I don't get to take nearly as many pictures of her. Well, yesterday she helped me out with some maternity pictures and then I turned the camera on her.

She was LOVING it. Pose. Pose. Pose. Upon viewing the pictures later, Matt was disturbed by how quickly our little girl is turning into a, well, not-so-little girl.
It's starts out innocently enough... but quickly devolves into this:
and this:
and oh gag, this:
But, then we come back... and get some more age appropriate shots:
There we go.

Phew. I thought we'd lost her for awhile there.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Maternity Leave.

Yes, I'm on maternity leave. I'm not accepting new clients at this time. If you WOULD like a referral for a fantastic local photographer, feel free to email me. I've got several recommendations.

Thank you! And wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sit back. Relax. Have a banana split.

Don't mind if I do. I've had one pretty much every night since we moved here. Shhh... don't tell my midwife!

Where to start...

#1. Miles is a "bad guy." Or so he likes to tell us. He's also a Fire Nation Fighter. He will shoot you with anything from a plastic saw to a straw. Lovely. We don't have guns in our house, not real, not play. We don't even have swords. And yet, Miles is boy. Please don't think I'm a bad parent if my two year old runs up to you and says, "I a bad guy, I gonna kiw you." I promise we did not teach it, nor do we encourage it. But my goodness, my little gunslinger (or, you know, table easel slinger) has quite the imagination.

#2 We moved! I know, you know. But someone wanted some pictures. This place is more than I could have deserved, possibly. We LOVE it. I'll point out some stuff...
We have an office! Granted, it's supposed to be an eat-in dining room, but well, you'll see. We have a backyard! Completely fenced in. I can send the kids outside to play in it and well, I don't have to worry that they've made their way out to the road (but even if they did make it out to the road, there's like one car every hour). The lot here is 1/3rd acre and I'm loving it. Matt... mowing... not loving it quite so much, but feels like a man for having a lawn to mow! We got a sweet deal on a lawnmower/weed whacker off Craigslist. The office is currently the only room that isn't unpacked/put together. That would be courtesy of a dead video card (and this whole time we thought it was hard drive issues!)

Ah yes, my kitchen. While it doesn't have more cupboard space necessarily, it does have more COUNTER SPACE. I have miles and miles of space on which I could make cinnamon rolls... or bread... if I made those things, which I don't. So what?! This bar/counter is where the kids eat all of their meals. I LOVE IT. Are you enjoying the hideous blue wallpaper? Yes, the joys of renting. And if I weren't pregnant, I'd look into removing it... however, I am pregnant. What? You didn't get that memo?

See! Even more counter space! Also a ceramic topped stove (which I'm loving!) and another view of the wallpaper. You know you love it.
Yes, it has brand new carpet. While I love the cleanliness of that, it's killing my vacuum, which was on it's last leg anyway. I figure I'll just suck the crap outta the carpet, till my vacuum dies and then I can get me a GOOD vacuum. Donations to the Dyson fund are being accepted.
This is the master bath. I think the notes speak for themself. Glorious. Can you tell that we've been deprived? It's the little things like counter space and outlets that work and lack of rats that make this place 3000% better than the last. Oh, and a couple more things...
Like this for example. My kids. Playing. In a yard. JOY OF JOYS. Also...
Well, I'm a photographer... a natural light photographer. This home, it's got light, baby!
So much light that I don't need to turn on any lights for most of the day. That feels just so good.

#3. I realize that there are going to be a lot of pictures of Miles. Sorry, but not really, because that kid is dang cute. Along with a "bad guy", he thinks he's a gymnast.
He isn't. He's way more likely to be a spastic karate kid. Hi-ya!

#4. Anna also thinks she's a gymnast. However, she's significantly more talented in this area.

I mean, check out that no handed bridge! She can also do a real bridge and a headstand and some funkadelic breakdance moves. She's got talent!

#5. I bush-whacked Miles. Say good-bye to the mop-ish long hair. He's suddenly very hip.
And so freaking cute that I want to eat him.
You can't eat him. He's mine.

#6. I'm starting to get a bit sad about losing Miles's position as baby. Which lead to me taking a long series of pictures of him sleeping in his room. Pathetic. But look at those lashes! And check out my AMAZING natural light!
#7. And yet, my belly groweth. 36wks 2days today. These are a little bit (last week) old.
A view from the top. And a more traditional, blurry picture of me, taken in the mirror.
And my mirror has since been cleaned. Ick.

#8. Anna. Just Anna.
She's a doll.

There's more, but this is ridiculously long. I promise to come back another day, when some of you have caught up. Until then!

Wahoo! Pictures coming!

No. My computer is not fixed.

But I manage to convince Matt's computer to look at my card reader. So, I've got an overload of stuff to share. Coming very soon.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

28 and 18

A bit excessive. Yes.

I spent yesterday and today doing tiny baby laundry. I went through our 0-3 months onesies and sleepers. After weeding it down quite a bit, since they wouldn't all fit into the drawer... 28 onesies and 18 sleepers.

I'll be honest, my children are not exactly in need of clothing. Unless it's Girl's size 10 white sandals for church... then I need 2 pair.

Friday, March 14, 2008

No seriously, still having issues.

My computer is very sick. Anyone who knows how to fix it... I'm offering a reward of rice crispy treats. I gots no moneys.

I did manage to snap a shot of my hair with Matt's camera (read: Alissa's old camera) and get the pictures uploaded to the computer. However, Matt's computer has major color issues, apparently. Enjoy anyway.

And this is what you get when you just can't handle your poofy, frizzy, somewhat wavy, but mostly straight hair that refuses to grow despite two years worth of prodding and cajoling. Yes, my ears feel naked. Yes, I freaking love it. No, I'm not wearing makeup... heaven help you all.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Dear Matt's Computer-

Bite me. You refuse to allow me to upload any pictures. Calling my camera and card reader names like a "malfunctioning USB device." You have no regard for my innocent blog readers. They desire pictures. I desire to give them pictures. You are just plain rude.

Not so sincerely,

Dear Alissa's Computer-

Oh, how I miss you. I'm terribly sorry about whatever your problem is. Non-working CPU fan or devastated hard drive. I'm so sorry. I did purchase a replacement hard drive over a month ago in the hopes that my dear, sweet husband would fix you, but alas... Counterstrike calls. Please forgive me him.


Dear Loyal Blog Readers-

I miss you. You can always read about how the move went over on Matt's blog. There's a lot going on here what with haircuts, and new houses. I apologize for not having sufficiently working computer equipment. I hope you'll understand if it's a bit longer until I can provide you with the eye candy that you seek.

With all my love and admiration,

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