What's Going Down

Saturday, June 9, 2007

An agonizing wait.

I can explain. You see, my sweet husband went out of town, leaving me to fend for myself. And frankly, I'm outnumbered. I can either take care of my children or I can work. Both are suffering. Good thing he's back tomorrow. I hope he's prepared (he's not) for my jubilation in his return. Yeah, I guess I'm excited to see him, but now maybe I can finally catch up!

What do I have for you?

A black and white... your favorite:


Anonymous said...

OMG-I LOVE IT!!!!! I am so excited...however, I understand. My hubby went back to work on Tuesday, and with 2, I managed to get out of my PJ's by 1pm. Can't wait to see the rest...this one is amazing....

Amber said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE and that's not nearly strong enough to say what I really think!!

Amy (3 Peas) said...

LOVE this!!!!

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