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Sunday, July 15, 2007

JULY Special!!!

I have been so unbelievably thankful for your business in the past year... my first year in business! And as a MAJOR "Thank You" to my past customers, I'm doing a special just for you!
I know that there are many times when my clients would like to order reprints, but the $25 republishing fee for your gallery is a deterrent. For the month of July, I am offering to republish any gallery of pictures taken in the last year for FREE. As an added bonus to you, I am offering 20% off a $50-99 reprint order, and 30% off a $100+ reprint order. Reprints are valued at my current pricing. Your gallery will remain online for a two week period.

If you have an interest in having your gallery republished for FREE, please contact me!

And again... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


g said...

I think your August special should involve flying out to the desert to take pictures of my family ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree, you need to come to Utah and take some pictures of my new baby.

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