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Friday, March 7, 2008

Dear Matt's Computer-

Bite me. You refuse to allow me to upload any pictures. Calling my camera and card reader names like a "malfunctioning USB device." You have no regard for my innocent blog readers. They desire pictures. I desire to give them pictures. You are just plain rude.

Not so sincerely,

Dear Alissa's Computer-

Oh, how I miss you. I'm terribly sorry about whatever your problem is. Non-working CPU fan or devastated hard drive. I'm so sorry. I did purchase a replacement hard drive over a month ago in the hopes that my dear, sweet husband would fix you, but alas... Counterstrike calls. Please forgive me him.


Dear Loyal Blog Readers-

I miss you. You can always read about how the move went over on Matt's blog. There's a lot going on here what with haircuts, and new houses. I apologize for not having sufficiently working computer equipment. I hope you'll understand if it's a bit longer until I can provide you with the eye candy that you seek.

With all my love and admiration,


Amber said...

I miss pictures. *sniff*

Nicole said...

Very Funny Alissa!! Oh, how I've missed your humor!! I'm glad the move is over...or should I say, I'm sorry the unpacking must begin? I also look forward to more pictures!

dastew said...

Don't come between a man and his Counterstrike or he might have to pwn you.

Amy G. said...

You can come use my computer. I'm bored and need a reason to clean my house. Pack up the kiddos and come on over!

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