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Friday, July 25, 2008

Let's go back a minute...

I think we need some introductions, eh? (Let's hope I don't get disowned after this post, okay?)

Oldest to youngest?
My mom & dad: (Doesn't my dad look like he has a secret?)
mom + dad

Tho, I much prefer this shot of them.
mom & dad being silly

My oldest brother, Adam.

He and his wife, Mika were sealed in the Washington DC Temple while we were in town.
adam + mika

They also had their daughter, Gabi sealed to them.
solter family sealed.

Gabi is a seriously beautiful little girl, even when she looked like this:
gabi not happy

But especially when she was happy.

Unfortunately, my brother Andrew and his family couldn't make it at the last minute, so pictures of them will have to wait until next time.

My younger brother, Matt and his wife, Erikka are next up.
matt and erikka

Matt visited us a couple of weeks ago.
us and matt

But he should never be without his better half. No, Seriously.
another matt and erikka

Jenny, Jason, Tab & Benton.

It's really the best feeling in the world to have your sister be one of your very best friends. I'm just sad because they live 6 states and an 18.5 hour drive away. Curses! And thank goodness for TMobile's 5 Favs. Keep your eye out for a more formal family shoot I did for them.

Keep in mind, this man will be a doctor someday:

Tab. Kid is a riot!

Doesn't Benny have the best hair?
benny in the air

And another picture of "buck-tooth Benny" when he's not being tossed wildly into the air.
benny happy

Rebekah, Clint & Cameron.
more pettey fam.

It was touch and go there for awhile as to whether Clint was going to be able to make it. Thankfully, he managed a last-minute ticket and was able to successfully soak me about 4 times with a bucket of water. Thank you, Clint.
pettey fam.

And Cameron, looking the peaceful child that he, er... well, that he tries to be.

Rachel is the sister I'm most jealous of. She's single. Not to say that I don't love my husband or children. I do! Just that sometimes fewer ties might be nice, eh? She was so fabulous to watch my kids for me a couple of times and I think that I successfully hooked her on the magic of the Rubik's Cube. Hey Provo, Orem, SLC available (NOT LAME) guys... did I mention she's single?

Finally, the baby. Jarom. I have to admit that Jarom was really great to keep an eye on kids. And in general, I didn't see much of Abbie or Anna due to his fabulous child wrangling skillz. He just graduated high school and is preparing to go on a mission.

This is the part where I shamefully admit to not having any pictures (except in our big group picture that I'll show you later) of Jarom by himself. Sorry J! I'm sure someone does!

The bad news is that I didn't get a single shot of our little family from the entire trip. Seems like we were always coming or going... and never in the same direction. Maybe next time.

More pictures soon.



What a beautiful family! They all look like you...amazing!

Rachel said...

You are very right! I can't begin to tell you how rewarding it is to solve a rubik's cube after HOURS of trying! I feel like have have truly mastered it! Thanks Lissa!

Mo said...

Is that your pink front door? I Love it!

Lost A Sock said...

How cool! I had no idea you came from a large family. Fun!!

Jenny said...

Although I was more than ready to get home, this was a great vacation! It was so great to be with nearly everyone again!

Scoopicus said...

Absolutely loved the pics -- It was so good to see everyone! Thanks to you and Jenny for the great catch up talk the first night I was there. :) Love, Jennie

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