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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Confession Time.

We have never (not since we've been married) had a dining room table that we could regularly eat at as a family. I know! This sounds totally ridiculous.

In every house we've rented, the dining room was either too small to seat our entire family at once, OR the dining room was carpeted. CARPETED. Can we discuss the ridiculousness of putting carpet in a rental dining room? Do you know how trashed your carpet gets when you let little kids eat on it?

Our house? No carpet in the entire downstairs. Do you know what this means?!
I'll tell you what this means!

It means eating dinner as a family.
It means having someone in charge of setting the table.
Having someone in charge of clearing the table.
It means sitting as a family around a table to enjoy a meal and a conversation and each other's company.
It means Mom feels motivated to make dinner again.
It means enjoying my children and hearing about their day.
It means I have more patience.

I really never thought that something as simple as eating dinner together could produce such amazing results. Looks like it might be time for me to start wearing an apron and pearls.


Maleen said...

It makes a huge difference to have a nice eating space. Plus, almost everything happens in the kitchenish area.
Our dining room is squished in between the kitchen and living room and it is something I would change in my next house. I want a nice big space to eat (with no carpet nearby even).

stephanie said...

yay for family dinners. i love that article.

Jenny said...

Sweet! The place we are moving to has a carpeting dining area. LAME. We are already planning to buy a throw rug, but really carpeted...

Mia said...

Isn't eating all together wonderful? I miss it now that I'm only home for dinner on the weekends.

And I miss my aprons!! When I finally decided to cook, I became addicted to aprons. A nice one for when company is over and I'm finishing cooking, one that I don't mind getting a few splatters on, and one for cleaning (marked by bleach stains). They're so wonderfully motivating!

Hil said...

Awesome! My dining area is carpeted. :(
Abbie is getting so big! She looks like a mini you!

sheri said...

I have absolutely HAD IT with the carpet in our dining room. (not to mention the fact that it leads to the patio...even more mess) After 7 years of it, I'm getting it changed. Being an apartment manager has it's upsides. (and ftr, I've taken the carpet out of the dining rooms and vanities/bathrooms in every vacancy since becoming manager. and I want to know who decided to put carpet in those areas in the 1st place)

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Loved this. I would love it even more if there were pictures of the table you spray painted.


ba and the boys said...

do you remember the cooks homoe in york? it had carpet in the kitchen! hello! just as bad-maybe worse-than in the dining room!
we have a nice hard floor now and my kids can stand at the edge of it with snacks and still see the tv.
hard floors show that there is a heavenly father and that he loves us and doesnt want us to hurt our children.

nicole said...

we've been living in a carpeted dining area too. We have just about trashed the second rug that we put down in there. I've sworn we won't do this again.

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