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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Saving All My Love for You...

I just had to take a quick second to send you over to two totally awesome blogs.

My sister, Rebekah, makes the cutest jewelry. She even posts tutorials telling YOU how to make it. I think you can even order some from her. She made my daughters matching bracelets and necklaces for Christmas (which we received on Friday via my parents) and I don't think the girls have taken them off yet.

Also, please go check out the awesome blog of my friend, Michelle. She makes the cutest "Hair Candee" ever. Someday, I'll be her. Until then, I'll buy from her.


michelle said...

im not worthy! im not worthy!!! really, but i love all your support!!!!!!! have you looked in the mirror......awesomeness!

Lei said...

I love that bracelet!!!

Nicole said...

Hey Alissa, it's been awhile since I checked any blogs and I can't believe you're about to deliver another adorable Eng! I still remember laughing at your post to 'unborn child' Lucas. It was great!

Your craftiness amazes me! I'm finally living by my mom again and she's trying to pass on her crafty skills why she can. I'm currently figuring out a sewing machine. Tune into the blog in a few days to see my creation!

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