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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crafty Goodness

I apologize for those of you who come here for fabulous stories or wonderful photography... or even for crafty goodness. Instead you get me. Bleh.

I borrowed The Knitchick's Guide to Sweaters from the library this week. I wasn't all that impressed with any of the adults' sweaters and most of the kids' sweaters were equally unattractive. I'm picky. It's true.

There were however two fantastic baby sweaters that I couldn't wait to get started on. Unfortunately, I'm not a seasoned knitter with a huge stash of yarn and all the needles you could possibly need. So, my favorite of the two will have to wait a little longer. But, I did have all the necessary ingredients for the sweet little sweater vest, Oscar. (Plus, I love that name!)

I knit up the front and learned how to cable! I guess I'm not sure what I was so scared of, it's not any harder than the ridiculous pair of socks I'm working on (and have been for over a month). I liked the pattern so much that I decided to make it for real. I ran to the store and bought some yarn I actually liked, came home, knit the front AGAIN. I spent Friday knitting the back, seaming it and blocking.

And when it was done, I realized that I don't have a little boy sized 12 months. Sometimes I get a little carried away. So, this sweet little number is off to my sister Rebekah and will hopefully fit her Ethan before too long!

I really should make it again in size 2 for Lucas. But, I'm already on to another project. I have Crafting ADD. It's a serious illness.


Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

holy crap, you're talented!

michelle said...

you are incredibly talented! if it was MY size, i'd wear it......that's my fav color. awesome job....as usual!

Jamie said...

I am amazed at your ability to just pick something up, try, and instantly become pro. You are so talented! Love the vest. :)
Btw, I had forwarded the link to the pants you had knit to my mom. I hope you don't mind, but they were just so stinkin' cute!! Thanks for sharing your talents!

Jen said...

you are amazing!

ba and the boys said...

that is a great color! and way to go knitter! someday i will learn!

Jenny said...

dying over here, I love it so much. Maybe I'll learn and be able to make them for my boys for easter some day before they grow out of that type of thing. But for now, you are my idol.

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