What's Going Down

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Infection. No, we're not talking about my cold (which, by the way, I'm feeling worse, and not better, thankyouverymuch!)

Instead, we're talking about baby smiles.
Don't they just kill you? I know that for me, I start giggling and can't stop. It actually makes my stomach muscles ache.

Don't even get me started on baby laughter.
Just about the only thing that even compares, would be one of these:

Admit it. You yawned, didn't you?


Maleen said...

I heart baby smiles. And baby giggles make me almost wet my pants. So dang cute. I hope you feel better soon. I think it stinks to be the mom and be sick at the same time. They don't go well together.

Unknown said...

I did yawn!

Kim said...

That third picture makes me want to snatch her up and run. So sweet!

Jenny said...

I love it. You can't help but laugh along with her. BTW, is that the shrug that you made for her?

likeschocolate said...

She is lovely and what a gorgeous blessing gown your mother made. Congratulations!

Natasha said...

The picture of her yawning is priceless!

BTW...I stalk your blog. LOVE seeing all the things you make!

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