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Saturday, May 8, 2010


At the moment, Anna has 3 loose teeth.

She did have 4. But last week, one was just too wiggly for me to stand any longer, and I pulled it out.
She carefully placed that tooth under her pillow after the repeated promptings of both her mother and father. And yet, somehow, the tooth fairy missed her that night. *EyeRoll*
Instead of just leaving the tooth under her pillow, Anna decided to play with it. That afternoon, she called to me from the bathroom.
"Mom? I was washing my hands, with my tooth in my hand, and I dropped it down the drain. Can you come get it?"

Thinking Errors 101
- Leave your tooth under your pillow.
- If you need to wash your hands while holding your tooth, put the tooth DOWN, then wash your hands.
- Under no circumstances, am I going to fetch your old tooth out of the drain.

I told her to go ahead and write the Tooth Fairy a letter and explain the situation. She brought me this:
Shall I interpret?
"Dear Tooth Fairy, When I was washing my hands I accidentally dropped my tooth down the drain. Please can I still get money?"

Best letter to the Tooth Fairy, ever. She placed it under her pillow and sure enough, the Tooth Fairy left her some "muny."
Good thing too, you wouldn't want to make this girl cry.


Rachel said...

Ryan says she'd make a good nightfury named "toothless"....cutest movie! She is so stinking cute!

elizabeth said...

The note was a brilliant idea!

Erica said...

In this pic, where Anna is wide-eyed and smiling, I can see what a incredibly beautiful woman she will be. Whoa.

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