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Monday, June 28, 2010

In the Knick of Time

For Father's Day I had already picked out my husband's gift. He hadn't been very discreet about what he wanted.
So, he received a gun. Not just any gun, no.
A big honkin' NERF gun. Boys. **eyeroll*

A gift for my dad, on the other hand... well, I could manage that. I started some socks for him on May 30th. I assumed I would finish them in time for Christmas. At least, that's what my track record suggests. My first pair of socks took me about 4 months. I know. 

Miraculously, I finished them on the Wednesday before Father's Day. Mailed them Thursday. He received them on Saturday. Just in time.

These are pictures of my husband modeling the socks. They're a little big on him because I made them for my dad, who happens to be larger than my husband... but isn't everyone?

My dad claims he will never wear them just to get me back for refusing to use the wooden spoon he hand carved for me. Cruel.


stephanie said...

you are totally a professional knitter. those socks look perfect!

Andria Sommers said...

Very impressed! My knitting skills are limited to making little squares. And that was 10 years ago, so now I probably don't even have any skills. Hooray for cool talents because you got em'!

Deece said...

Very nice! I am still working on my first pair of socks. That I started in 2008.

Rachel Mowrey said...

I love seeing all your knitting projects! It inspires me!

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Awesome. I seriously, seriously, seriously need to learn how to knit.

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