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Sunday, November 28, 2010

More from our shoot.

I'm saving our "money" shots for closer to Christmas (aka, after people receive the cards I haven't designed or ordered yet... yeesh.)

In the meantime, enjoy some random shots.
 Abbie is totally my mini mommy... she takes such good care of Libby.  I'm really not sure what I'd do without her.
 What a cheeser!
 Love, love, love.
 Can you believe she's nine months old now?!!?!
 My girlies!
 Watch out! Here they come.
 Honestly, one of my favorite pictures, ever.
 We still like each other. More than just a little.
 I can't get over how grown up my girls are getting. It's so wrong and I'm completely unprepared.
 See what I mean?
 Abbie is wearing a sweet little cuff I knitted for her. This is the only picture you'll see of it, because she took it to school and bartered it for something else as part of a project. She is demanding one in every color now.
 This kid is giving us all a run for our money... cute as can be, but evil inside. I kid. A little.
And Miles. Miles has a girlfriend. But he promises that he loves me more. Eyeroll.


elizabeth said...

Such cute kids, I am so humbled to be their grandma:)You and Matt are amazing.

Maleen said...

Your kids are so photogenic. And check out those teeth on Libby. When did those come in?

I hear what you mean about the girls growing up. I saw little girl bras when I was shopping and I wanted to cry.

Jamie said...

I love the purple and yellow. And your hair is so cute!

Company EIGHT said...

Seriously, such a darling family! I can't believe how big all your kids are getting!

Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

your hair is so long! love it. Beautiful family. Did you make Libby's skirt? Such great color combos.

Anonymous said...

Little Lukie looks totally like mini you! :) Besides, the pic of you and your hubby hugging is simply lovely! You should definitely print it out and frame it.

Also like the idea of these purple-yellow-grayish outfits you picked for this session. Very nicely coordinated.

sheri said...

9 months old??!!
These are awesome pictures, Liss.
(and my word verification: 'breads'...mmm...breads)

Jenny said...

Super freaking cute.

Nicole said...

Love it! Super cute! I swear it was only months ago I was reading about your agonizing wait for Lucas and for him to 'please bust my water and come out.' I also can't believe your kids are so dang big. Can't believe it!

Kari Beth said...

beautiful family!

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