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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Recently, my husband discovered that one of his college classmates was just about finished with his first published novel. It's about food, which my husband loves. It's a captivating work of young adult fiction titled Evertaster by Adam Glendon Sidwell. I think it is probably 4th-8th grade level.  I will be honest: I haven't read it. But guess who did?

Read it in one day. Couldn't pry it from her hands. 

When I asked her if it was as good as Harry Potter she replied, "better, more adventurous."
That's quite the review, eh? I am encouraging you to run on over to Amazon and pick up this novel for your kids. Or heck, for you!

Not included? The picture of Abbie reading this book upside-down. Kids are so weird.

Have I mentioned that my husband did the Title Design for the cover? (His name appears in the book... twice!) How awesome is that? (I receive nothing for posting this. In case that was unclear.)


Cheri said...

Okay - being pounded into me for about the millionth time is what a small world it is. Adam is a cousin to one of my best friends growing up. Katrina has been raving about this book, but honestly - hearing Abby's review is what did it for me. We will have to get this book! And awesome stuff, Matt.

Jenny said...

Do you think Tab would like it?

Der SID said...

the title art is Awesometown!

Unknown said...

just bought this. can't wait to read it, and brag that i knew the guy who did the title art, even before he got famous. :)

bluekaeru said...

We should be receiving this book in the mail any day. My brother who was an executive chef died unexpectedly this summer. I thought this book would be a great "last gift" from him to his only nephews. Thanks for making me aware of this title.

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