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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I Did With My Summer Vacation: Part Two

 A million years ago (or 2.5ish), some of our best friends high-tailed it out of Florida. They followed their hearts back to Utah, which really sucked at the time, but came in very handy when we needed a place to stay. 
 Meet Gary & Alecia. Best hosts ever. They bought us the best donuts I've ever had: Maple Bacon Donuts from Beyond Glazed. They let us play with their doggies. We played the most hysterical game of Curses! Ever. It was actually really hard for me to leave them. I miss them so much!
 Classic Photobomb. Also, check out the husband's sweet bowtie! Real! 
 While in Utah we had the awesome opportunity to hang out with my brother, sister and their respective families. This is my Sister-in-law, Erikka. Isn't she so beautiful?! 
 And this is my baby brother, Matt. And his baby girl (who is now 3!), Arya! This was my first time meeting Arya and I found her to be just the sweetest little package of awesome. Plus, so cute! I have no pictures of my sister Rachel and her little friend, David, because they kept making weird faces for the camera. 

On our final day in Utah we traveled to the booming metropolis of Provo. We got to meet up with some old friends, The Hansens and their 3.1 kids. We had the privilege of enjoying delicious foodstuffs: JDawgs, Hokulia Shaved Ice, and Four Seasons Hot Pot and Dumplings.  All recommended!
 We also realized that Provo pretty much feels the same as it did 10ish years ago when we met, dated, and fell in love there. 
Would I move back to Utah? If the price was right...

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