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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hopefully, My Final Word on this Subject

Today, Lucas took a swim test at the YMCA. If he passed, he would earn a Green Band. The green band enables them to swim wherever they want (in whatever depth) without me having to be with him. The test is that he has to swim 25 yards (the length of the pool) without touching the bottom or lane lines.

He did it! I wasn't worried. He has been swimming that distance all week. Multiple times. Back and forth.
Pretty good for a kid that drowned less than 2 months ago. The other kids are little fishes too. Libby isn't quite green band material, but she'll be taking a couple more rounds of swim lessons this fall. We aren't done.
School starts on Monday. Lucas will be starting Kindergarten. I don't wonder what his answer will be when asked what he did with his summer vacation. The answer is Swim.


Michele said...

Ok. I see a future triathlete in Lucas. Yay for swimming 25 yards!

Mint Chocolate said...

Cute little Mexican kiddos you have!

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