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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

It's almost that time.

Birthday Time.

Abbie will be 5 on Valentine's Day. And geez. When did I become a mom of a 5 year old? It's making me feel SO OLD!

So, in an effort to get some 5 year old head shots, I bribed her! Hopefully, she'll give me another try, because I'd like more than just a couple headshots.

I failed to set my CWB, which I'm now kicking myself over! My color is all over the place! Also, I have no idea what happened but my ISO was at 1600 for most of these... thank goodness for NeatImage!!!

My favorite! Love her tiny smile.
She was getting pretty ticked with me... I even have one of her crying. But she warmed up again. Just in time to give me this attitude.


Anonymous said...

Five years already! I can hardly believe it. Almost four years since the Provo days ended.

Lee said...

I love the first one it is so warm and just cute. I can totally appreciate the attitude ones, I get those from my kids plenty. She is so beautiful. And 5 does make you feel old huh?

Robyn said...

I ove the first one too. She's totally gorgeous

Amy (3 Peas) said...

Great captures :)
One trick I learned from someone on 365 or on ILP was to go to Levels, and choose the white eyedropper then choose the whitest spot on your photo- and it will adjust the rest of the photo accordingly. It can really help if you forget to CWB (I do often) like if you look at my post from the other day of my DD on the stairs- the pic had a much more blue overcast to it SOOC.

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