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Friday, July 13, 2007

The Haircut Story.

Most of you probably know where this is going...

We've had a beast of a time getting Anna to grow any hair. She was FINALLY!!! getting some lovely curls and a bit of length and I was able to put it in tiny pigtails.

It was adorable. Like this:Well, how can you possibly know what possesses some children to grab hold of scissors and go at each other?!? Needless to say I caught Abbie clipping away at Anna's hair. She had clipped off every one of Anna's tiny curls and taken a couple of big chunks off the top. In a very not so rational and rather angry moment, I grabbed the scissors, grabbed a big chunk of hair in the back of Abbie's head and lopped it off. Now, let me add that Abbie had already cut some of her own hair, so it was already going to need to be fixed, but yeah... I was pissed. I cried.

So, yesterday, we took both of the girls in to Nancy, my stylist. I explained the situation, leaving out the part about me and my irrational behavior, and begged her for help. For poor Anna, there really isn't much we could do, except just even it up. So, she's back to looking rather boyish. (Tears!!!)and the back... the really sad part.

And frankly, I wanted Abbie's haircut to be painful. Draw emotional blood. Leave a mark. I know! I'm mean! She did cry off and on all day when I mentioned that it'd have to be cut and probably SHORT (courtesy of the mom-hackjob). I even made Abbie pay for the haircuts out of what was left of her birthday money. She has to work off the rest of the money in chores. Hard ones.

But, in the end, Abbie's haircut came out looking SO STINKING CUTE. And I'm kindof annoyed. I really wanted it to look bad as punishment. Is that so wrong?!She wasn't real pleased with me taking these pictures. Can you tell? It's a chin-length bob that's sharply stacked in the back. Basically the hairstyle I'm aiming for (almost there!). The best part is that Abbie's got great hair for this cut. I don't have to do a thing and it just falls into place. Love that.


dastew said...

Hey it could be worse when my sister was 5 (mom was in the hospital at the time so it was just her and the men in the house) she cut off big junks of her hair with pinking shears.

By the way Abby's and Anna's hair cuts are both cute.

Lost A Sock said...

You poor thing. I'd feel the same way!

Melinda said...

That pic of Anna is soooo adorable!! It makes it all the sadder that the curls are gone. At least you got a pic to prove she did have curls and can have them again.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

LOVE that pic of Anna.

Amy (3 Peas) said...

Awww she still looks adorable though! Perhaps it will grow faster now that it's cut. One can hope :)

Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

I totally laughed so hard that you cut her hair. I think I would have done the same thing. Sorry about the hack job, though. But at least Anna is so freaking cute still and you have at least a few pictures to remember.

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