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Monday, November 12, 2007

An offer!

So, every year, I somehow acquire some great templates for Christmas cards (I honestly seek them out, I'm addicted).

And I really enjoy sharing them. For 3 years now, I've done it for free. Believe me, I learned my lesson last year when I was inundated with requests. This year, I'm just asking you to make a donation. Whatever you feel it's worth to you? I guess if that means, nothing, then well... what can I do?

What do you do? You email me using the link in my profile. You send me the picture or in some cases, pictures that you would like me to insert into the template (please only send pictures that YOU TOOK, or that you have a copyright release for). You let me know which Sample number you'd like me to use along with any pertinent information (name, alternate message, etc) that you'd like me to include. I can make your pictures black & white, reduce red eye, etc. Be sure to let me know if you'd like 4x6 of 5x7 file dimensions. Then, out of the kindness of your heart, you send a donation (pretty please, but not required) to the same email address.

What do I do? Using my magical photoshop abilities, I do what you ask and make you all look like supermodels (kidding!) I create your file. I send it to you. I put a tiny amount of money into my children's Christmas fund (hopefully?). I'll send the file along with directions and recommendations for consumer print labs that do a great job!

Anyway, here are the templates I'm offering:

This last card has slots for 5 pictures, but we could do less.

Also, ignore the dates on some of the templates. Easily changed.

Finally, if you're a client and would like to order a picture from a session that I took for you in a template, simply email me for rates!


Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

I got tons of compliments on ours from last year. Do you think that you might maybe offer something if we have portraits done with you? Like where you could print them up in card form for however much? Does that make sense? do you already offer that and I'm retarded and didn't realize?

dastew said...

Lisa, We totally need you to make some for us. I'm retarded when it comes to these things. Also do you do calendars? I did one last year in Publisher for all my family and then had Kinko's print it but I know I'll procrastinate until it's too late if I do it again this year. (Last year's model, I took some pictures that we'd taken during the same month of the previous year and loaded them on the photo side of the calender. I then put a little commentary of what we did that month. On the calender sheet I listed all the major holidays and family birthdays. Grandparents loved it.)

Shelah said...

are you serious? I'm emailing you now!

Puddin Pie kiss the boys and made them cry! said...

Hey, definately, gonna do this. Will try to get some shots this weekend. I want the last one with the five slots. Hey, how are you feeling these days!

Jane said...

How are you at photoshop?
I need some help with some pictures, and would love to try and use one for our christmas cards.

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